Friday, April 18, 2008

(high) FIVES!

Suldog tagged me to do this MEME and caused me to learn 2 new words, "meme" and "pleonasm." Both great words for interacting with Suldog's blog!

Five years ago I was...
1. hmmm...
2. yes!
3. well, uh...
4. you know...
5. (nothing much has changed.) duh!

Five snacks I enjoy! (this is way easier.)
1. sunflower seeds
2. peanuts
3. chips and salsa
4. chips and guacamole
5. beer (The right beer is a very satisfying snack.)

If I was a billionaire I would.... (well. faint. but after that pleasurable awakening... I think I would focus on...)
1. a beach
2. a lounge chair
3. a cold and fruity alcoholic drink
4. a helpful cabana boy
5. and then maybe I'd do something nice or something like give everyone new science textbooks. (Who knows, my mind is still on the beach, the lounge chair, the cold and fruity alcoholic drink, and the helpful cabana boy.)

Some Jobs I have had....
1. This is tough. Because I can now see how it has all come to pass.... When young, (very), I had a job as a school crossing guard. I understand now, that since I did not kill any kiddos in carrying out that job, I have used up all my luck for subsequent jobs.
2. Bartender. It seemed a good idea at the time.
3. Waitress. The highlight was accidently getting half of a packed restaurant to applaud.
4. Envelop stuffer. I'm actually quite good at this.
5. Job applicant. As many know, this is a full time job...

Different Places I have lived....
1. Reno, NV
2. Lautoka, Fiji
3. Chicago, IL
4. Old Lyme, CT, New London, CT.... wait... only 5? how's that possible! Well. Then I must list Albequerque, NM too.

Five People I'm tagging... (who can ignore me if they wish! *sniff*)
1. Random Lunacy
2. girl savage
3. teegee
4. Charming Darling
5. Gallery Juana

Five Lies....
This being the political season, I'll leave it to the pros!

I'll figure out how to do html links... (sometime)... and then I'll get proper and a job and move to D.C. and rule the FREE WORLD with a paycheck, a fruity drink and a helpful cabana boy at my side! Cheers peoples!


Gallery Juana said...

I always enjoy reading your blog!
And thanks for the tag. I will probably get to answering these fun questions after the weekend.

Getting half the restaurant to applaud? That sounds like a fun.

High Desert Diva said...

I liked your answers, especially the billionaire/beach/fruit drink/cabana boy!

I have a hyperlink tutorial for blogger here:

Anonymous said...

How funny and it's good you leave the lying to the politicians. There's something to be said about experience!

teegee said...

i want to know how you got the restaurant to applaud...

now. on the blog!!!

Chris Stone said...

thanks high desert diva... I'll check it out!

hehehehe... maybe later teegee!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

So ya tagged me after all lol. Well I just posted a new blog today & would also like to stew on these tag questions for a bit but promise to answer them in due tome my friend. Looking for your lounge chair & fruity drink right next to mine oh & lived in Fiji? How cool was that?

Chucka Stone Designs said...

No, not due tome...there will be no answer including Mel. that should be time...

Chris Stone said...

I was a Peace Corpse Volunteer in Fiji... It seemed the local population could have a "coup" pronounced correctly, but we were always corpses.

Shane Sher said...

I loved the idea of the textbooks.

Suldog said...

Thanks for playing along, Chris! Fiji? You lived in Fiji? Wow. Way cool.

(unless you were, like, in jail there or something. If so, not so cool.)