Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goodbye Good Street

Etsy forums are devolving. End of January that bit of ether will end. Etsy forums to me are like the street of the internet, real but interactive and fun and interesting. Corporate interests are not the same as the interests of life as this devolution so eloquently demonstrates. Open forum structure supports the individual within the wider construct. Segregation stinks... Remember, the Dow Jones is not Grandma's cookbook. A good cookbook has recipes added and written on, a vitality of interaction and history and always includes apple pie.

One thing this brings home, is how the internet is a corporate owned and controled space. I'm not sure where to go with that.

This video, posted by Barney in the small ghost that still clings of the metalsmith's thread, makes me think "Calm Blue Ocean."

Goodbye Good Street.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Forks and Roads

*I can't think of "forks in the road" without an image of Miss Piggy and Kermit and a Fork in the Road. Thank you Muppets.*

I've done this before. Bailing before the end of a game. And I listen, as I walk home. I live in Providence, RI. Most folks in the area are Patriots and Celtics and Red Sox fans. All I have to do is listen, and I know who won. Tonight was silence. *That wonderful silence you get with the snow. The silence that brings back memories of childhood, and sliding down the snowplow piled embankments holding the glee in your stomach, or singing carols under snow covered umbrellas.* I haven't checked the score, really I don't need to. What I feel like doing is reminding folks how this team exceeded our expectations. And that the Zets will loose to the Packers in the Super Bowl, and play like doormats next year. :)

What amazed me is how well the Pats have done. they have 21-23 (lost count) folks on the roster that are rookies or 2nd year guys. Out of a roster of 53. At one point in the season, there were only 3 guys starting on defense that started the season. When folks all picked the Patriots I was like, don't you know they have only Wilfork as a defensive line? They would move Wilfork around to where the team they played liked to run. In other words, that's the defensive equivalent of "finger in the dike."

"Finger in the dike" defense only takes you so far. So to does the wonderful play of rookies. Neither will win a Super Bowl. Big applause to to the players that took us away from crappy lives for a while and and gave the escapist illusion of success on a shoe string.

This time, there will be a "next year."



*Regarding the title. Well. I'm thinking job troubles and jewelry screw-ups. But. "It is what it is." *lol.**

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Making of a Locket

First comes the design, I suppose. Actually, first might come the financing, the commission, and the many competing ideas on what to do. I'll start with the design that hasn't made the cut. And that's the rose lid. I made this out of silver sheet, and was thinking on making the final piece out of gold wire and gold sheet for the roses. Though, I could do silver sheet for the stems with gold roses. I dunno. Still mulling this over.

The reason i went ahead and made the mock up out of metal was, if I wanted to finish it off I'd sell it. (Try to at least!) Or I could stop with the lid and do what I think I'm going to do and mount it on the top of this black onyx.

*Yikes! Still needs to get cleaned up! Antiquing will soften some of those iffy lines, but shouldn't rely on it that much!*

My father wanted me to make my mother a locket, for Christmas. Uh, this past Christmas that is. I warned him it might take me a while, but would love to do it. Hence the rather conservative rose design. I'm also doing one with a tulip that I might post on flickr, or maybe not. I'm doing that mock up in paper mache. *lol.* Silver is expensive, and the tulip design is a bit less straight forward. *My mother likes flowers.*