Sunday, April 27, 2008

Polls, the NFL, an Elliptical, and a Rosebush

(I like lists. Not to grocery shop with... I've found that if I'm going to forget something I can do it just as well without a list as with one.)

People do tend to denigrate polls as hype... but they serve a function. Between February third and August 7th, there are only 2 days of excitement for those of us not into baseball basketball or are trying hard to ignore world or financial affairs, and that is today and tomorrow, the NFL draft. Other than that... there's the polls. And an elliptical, which I should mention as a way of sort of exercising on it.

I am a Patriots fan. When the Pats play my two primary desires are that they win and nobody gets injured. Its *crushing* when... well. We (me) won't go into past losses... Jersey decorum its called. *Or that's what its called by me... wimpishness could be applied but let's stick with a no-cement-that-time jersey decorum.* My life is affected yes... slamming your forehead onto a bar at the conclusion of the one but most important loss of a season does affect your equilibrium for a while, but it does not affect your personal plans like should I vacation in the middle east next year.

Whereas political polls... You root for whom you think is best... The anxiety of a future with crumbling ice caps and confused migrating birds, can not be diminished even with a 6 pack. Even blurry eyed, the glass is near empty. The supreme optimist could detect tequila where others see desert.... But polls are once removed. They are numbers. Numbers in red alongside faces, that's true... but like a score card in the things-that-matter but you never-can-see.... polls are touchdowns in these tenuous times.

But frankly? Can't the NFL do something more before August this year? I'll start things off with Marvin Gaye and the Star Spangled Banner and forget the rosebush.

Friday, April 18, 2008

(high) FIVES!

Suldog tagged me to do this MEME and caused me to learn 2 new words, "meme" and "pleonasm." Both great words for interacting with Suldog's blog!

Five years ago I was...
1. hmmm...
2. yes!
3. well, uh...
4. you know...
5. (nothing much has changed.) duh!

Five snacks I enjoy! (this is way easier.)
1. sunflower seeds
2. peanuts
3. chips and salsa
4. chips and guacamole
5. beer (The right beer is a very satisfying snack.)

If I was a billionaire I would.... (well. faint. but after that pleasurable awakening... I think I would focus on...)
1. a beach
2. a lounge chair
3. a cold and fruity alcoholic drink
4. a helpful cabana boy
5. and then maybe I'd do something nice or something like give everyone new science textbooks. (Who knows, my mind is still on the beach, the lounge chair, the cold and fruity alcoholic drink, and the helpful cabana boy.)

Some Jobs I have had....
1. This is tough. Because I can now see how it has all come to pass.... When young, (very), I had a job as a school crossing guard. I understand now, that since I did not kill any kiddos in carrying out that job, I have used up all my luck for subsequent jobs.
2. Bartender. It seemed a good idea at the time.
3. Waitress. The highlight was accidently getting half of a packed restaurant to applaud.
4. Envelop stuffer. I'm actually quite good at this.
5. Job applicant. As many know, this is a full time job...

Different Places I have lived....
1. Reno, NV
2. Lautoka, Fiji
3. Chicago, IL
4. Old Lyme, CT, New London, CT.... wait... only 5? how's that possible! Well. Then I must list Albequerque, NM too.

Five People I'm tagging... (who can ignore me if they wish! *sniff*)
1. Random Lunacy
2. girl savage
3. teegee
4. Charming Darling
5. Gallery Juana

Five Lies....
This being the political season, I'll leave it to the pros!

I'll figure out how to do html links... (sometime)... and then I'll get proper and a job and move to D.C. and rule the FREE WORLD with a paycheck, a fruity drink and a helpful cabana boy at my side! Cheers peoples!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cultural Enlightenment

There is really not much I can say as an introduction to this video clip. Except, why have I not seen this before? Is my ignorance the latest example of the inadequacies of American education? Here's Jake the Peg...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Winning the Lottery!!!!

Nah. I didn't. *sigh* But I know a kitty cat who did. This poor kitty showed up in my yard last August... so pathetic looking. I felt I had to do something or just watch her die. She was very friendly and desperate. Here's some pictures of Desperate Kitty I posted on August 18th...

I thought she was a kitten, because she was so small. She was covered with fleas, and as you can see from the photos, her hair was so thin you could see her skin. Here's some pictures of her now...

Desperate Kitty has turned into Lovely Lizzy. She was adopted into a GREAT home, and like I say, won.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Change Potential

Here's my latest scoop off the streets of Providence, Rhode Island. I've babbled on in this blog before on the lottery and how I feel about the way our government, "we," choose to raise money... How I feel its an underhanded tax on dreams and desire for a better life... How I feel it feeds off those most in need of such fantasy, the poor... But I also have to admit this is fun. The money I scoop off the streets wouldn't pay a bill. It would buy bubble gum, but I'm not into bubble gum. It wouldn't even run a load of wash in the local laundry mat. But one thing it does is make walking down the street a bit entertaining and subversive. It can buy a lottery ticket.

Oh. I didn't win. NPR, you have to keep waiting for my donation, sorry.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sleep Patterns

I don't really know how to meditate. For over a year and a half I somewhat endured commuting from Providence to Boston with the help of meditation CDs. I'd catch the 6 a.m. train, clamp the earphones on, and hallucinate. Or, that's how I like to tell it, anyway. The patterns I saw were repetitive in form, but not exactly, and tended to have two colors predominately. The colors were wonderful... fushia, turquoise, and orangish... purples too. Usually the patterns would have one color and a darker color or tone. And they would evolve into each other.

During that time I went to a (for free) meditation session, and the fellow that was leading it told me that what I was doing was not meditation. And I'm like, how not fun can you be! I only went to a couple of those sessions, because I enjoyed whatever it was I was doing. I found it relaxing and mesmerizing. Even now I use it, particularly in the dentist chair, or when I can't sleep at night.

This ring I'm working on reminds me of those helpful patterns. Its not quite going the way I planned... but. I am having fun.