Monday, July 30, 2007


Okay. What was your best advice given/got? I don't remember any big moments myself.... but the fog that clutches my feeble cranium is at the moment not allowing a blinding moment of revalation to shine forth from my fumbling past... I do remember a 10th grade teacher to whom my parents made me appoligize to (for being chronically late to class), I remember her saying, "If that's all you've got to worry about you don't have a problem."
Which wasn't advice. More like a recognition of, well, the relative importance of things in different people's worlds. is featuring me this week... And one of the questions was, do you have any advice. What I came up with was have a great time, life is short. But didn't feel that sufficient. Something more must be said... some veil of darkness pulled back with the utterance of a few well chosen monosylables....(as the sides of the hood sway lightly about the shrouded figure... maybe this is why Belichick wears a hoodie.) So I asked in the forums. A few times too! It was like pulling a yew hedge out of the ground! (I've never pulled teeth.) The results:
HerRoyalMajestyBags: (something about lots of undies...)
LalenaHays: Your thoughts are your reality so choose them wisely. (my response.. oh dear.)
KarmaRox: (something about brushing felines...)
KealaLegacy: Love it or leave it, but don't be rude! (I like that.)
FireChickTick: never lick a snow shovel (ewww)
RoseBrown: Avoid the clap. (ewwwwwww)
BlondezillaBeads4fun: Don't be afraid to try something new.
KarmaRox (again): Don't titter in a room full of strangers. (though I may be misquoting her here...It may be best to just say *titter*)
Pandys: A clean house is overrated. (and something about cool whip but i don't wish to misquote her so I'll just stop there.)

Thanks youse guys! The world needs a bit more wisdom!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

To the Dogs

You know. Should the courts find Atlanta Falcon's quarterback Vick guilty, (the case does appear well documented,) I'm going to feel like minor mush. Mush because anyone who would treat animals that way is dispicable, but also I hate watching someone self destruct in public. And the minor part of it? He's a Falcon, not a Patriot, so I'm less conflicted. Though. To be honest I'm not sure I'd feel conflicted about a Patriot involved in such demonic stupidity. I'd feel bad. A team is a group of people. The total is what counts. But man, can the individual be BAD NEWS.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Contrariness of Modeling Models

This little model head... is sculpted out of plasticine and will be cast into plaster. If she makes it. I'm rather unhappy at the moment... but the ear at least may be usable. Off with the ear!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lickable Labels for the Forehead

Sometimes I rant. Well, okay, maybe its called a blog. But I wonder. Is this a life stage, sexual frustration, or reasonable evaluation of the foibles of this bizzaro world?
There's this old addage... people get the leaders they deserve. I do not agree at all. No body deserved Hitler. or Stalin. Saying stuff like that sounds so very self satisfied, so very leaning back in a well cushioned chair, like, I've paid all my bills haven't you?

Okay. to particular peeves... To sell stuff, advertisement is seen as helpful (my ineptitude aside.) You have to inform people of your product, and entice them to buy. This is a core product of capitalism. That has infected another core aspect of what we think of ourselves... that we are a democracy. A democracy needs a well informed public. But we aren't folks. We aren't well informed at all. We are targets, focus groups, brainless buttons for the power people pushers. Perhaps it has always been so... but with the information available for the turgid amoung us, it seems worse. But like I said, maybe I've just become a hen in front of a computer screen.

And to target the individual "consumer". (Just count sometime, out of curiousity, how many times americans are refered to as consumers vs citizens or members of society or even voters.) (just count.) That's what's done. "individuals", not members of a society, are targeted. Again and again. And we are told, again and again, about "individual" responsiblity. Not the responsiblility of society. Someone sues, and they are seen as not being a responsible "individual." Not noting at all anything relating to the fact that the "individual" is all on their own. They don't owe anybody anything. BECAUSE nobody owes them anything, right? Its a 2 way street. Or all one way. Whatever.

And again. The end stage of capitalism. Or derierre. The derrierre of Capitalism. When people are targets, consumers, focus groups, corkbrained foreheads.... Debate becomes simplified. A "look" is needed to a drug commercial, repetative sloganeering is needed for a politician. I personally don't think the american public is as stupid as its leaders, but I kinda squint sometimes when I say that. It is so difficult. I feel that expectations affect an individual's actions. On a societal level, how does that work?

Eh. Elect pink bowed rabbits.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Okay that now cements it. The Patriots are going to go to the Super Bowl in 2007. (!!!!) Just read my "Who Knew" post. You see, I just found out that Gisele Bundchen made the Forbes list as top model earner with 33 million (not the 150 million? where did I get that...) And that fits into my convoluted calculations a bit better. 33 million for GB+ 30 million for TB (who really cares about the "best quarterback" as long as you get to the Super Bowl) + a 30 dollar fine for me = .... well. Anyway. Let me think on this....

Twenty-two Cents

That's where I'm at. 22 cents. Under the new rules.

I do not like or believe in the lottery. It is an opiate for the masses. And I feel, with the ever widening gap between the rich and the poor, it is almost immoral. But, perhaps, understandable. For the period of time between purchasing the ticket and loosing, someone who could not afford a vacation can fantasize about owning a beach house in Tahiti. A car can be paid for and a dentist visit made. Which is why the lottery is a drug. Instead of protesting wages, work conditions, lack of job secuity, or lack of health care benifits, anger is effectively disapated by a flimsy slip of paper. Better luck next time.
Proponents of the lottery look at what the proceeds pay for. But its a regressive tax, folks. Who buys those tickets to dream? Predominatelly the underfunded.

But. One must do something, mustn't one? To be a responsible member of this society, one should do retirement planning and... (well, health care insurance is practically a nonsequitor). Hence the 22 cents. Given my attitude towards the lottery I shouldn't, in old-fashioned face-the-myself mirror mode, buy a lottery ticket. However, in a politician-like finesse, there is always the change on the street.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Speaking of Little Guys... made me a new avatar. My little man is back in the shop!

An Explaination

About the Insect. That poem was written maybe 10yrs ago. At the time it needed one more line. I've looked at it a few times since then thinking, what is missing.... Then the other day, in a desperate fit of procrastination I saw this poem and the missing line. I'm not sure how I feel about the poem anymore, but it is finished. Kind of unfortunately finished. I like to think there is a bit of poetry occassionally in my hands and what I make... but it ain't in my head. I haven't written a poem in years. Sometimes I feel if I weren't so tired, so distracted by life... Maybe if I had more or fresher brain cells...

Whatever. I know I haven't caught a honeybee in years. But also, when I think about them now I feel bad. They are dying? The worker bees can't find their way back to the hive? That intricate society of the honey bees may become extinct? That really.... when people talk about dinosaurs its like a joke. This isn't a joke. You know. The LITTLE GUY THAT SAMPLES OUR CLOVER NEEDS TO ROCK ON.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


In the black and white photo
I am two. I squat
and hold a bug between
thumb and finger--
an intent look on my face.

A man sits beside me and says
"I don't love you." I don't know this man.
Three stops until I'm free.
The train isn't crowded enough.

In every school project I used bugs.
I never killed them.
Honey bees were my favorite catch--
scooping them one-handed off the clover
like gold dust.

He says, "I like your hat."
I move towards the door.
Should I leave should I stay
does he look violent.
Already I am late.

I taught a friend how to catch bees.
I told her they won't sting--
If they sting they die--
Just be gentle.

The man gets off at my stop--
I try another exit but there he is
in front on the stairs turned, and
scanning the crowd--

My friend got stung. You squeezed too hard
I told her. There was light
on the clover. The air was light.
We ran from the field.
I remember the length of her hair.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lists of Important Things

I am amazed by my tools. I love the way they look. I like their feel, the heft, their use. When you need to do something and you pick up a tool and it is just right, life is good. I relax in the presence of my tools. My workroom is a well textured cocoon. The only thing I do in my workroom is work. There are no easy chairs no casual table or reading lamp. There are 3 workbenches: the jewelry bench, woodworking bench, and the etcetera bench with plaster stored underneath. And the shelves. I won't ever list my jewelry tools... wouldn't do it for taxes or fun... life is too short. But my saw list amazes me. I don't classify myself as abnormally aquisitive. But look at this list...

Prune saw (2), 3 hacksaws (varying sizes), PVC pipe saw (plastic), a dove tail saw, hand saw (2, one good and one almost gone), 1 thin hand saw, A Japenese saw that is so cute and unused, 1 electric mitre saw, 1 manuel mitre saw, 1 circular saw, 2 jigsaws (one extremely old that I should dispose of, but, well), 1 Bosch saw that is so useful for nipping off the bottoms of door moldings in an old house if you are installing floors. Don't know its name, except "goddess-sent"), and a sawzall.

The sawzall is my favorite, except possibly the Japenese saw that is so cute and unused. Though the Japenese saw is more of a cosmic favoritism. The sawzall is an aren't-we-having-fun-now favorite. My hand saw is pretty special too.

Lists like this are so satisfying. Its kinda like a history and a story and a personal definition all in one. Every single item has a moment and a purpose attached to them. I remember needing the PVC pipe saw and I remember buying the handsaw. The sawzall has so many what-the-hell moments attached to it that's probably why its a favorite. Its like a motorcycle memory. And the Japenese saw sits, encased in plastic, sleek and unused.