Friday, September 26, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday... on Friday

I've been admiring everyone's Shadow Sunday pictures.... and finally took some of my own. With a cell phone. My first pics with a cell phone!

They are taken from the ICA in Boston... and the last one was taken of the floor right before the front entrance. I thoroughly enjoyed the museum. Oh. And it wasn't my cell phone... since I am the last person in the U.S. without one.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

One and Done

I have decided. To cure all the world's ills elect me... leader of the Free World. *At least I don't slaughter animals from a helicopter!* And I will promise you that, besides solving all the worlds crisises... including competently eradicate world hunger, unemployment, housing foreclosures, wall street greed and the skulduggery of lawyerly and banking 3 piece suits. I am totally committed to making illegal 3 piece suits.

There is another thing I will promise from the depths of my frustrated heart.... That a team that showed such promise... *music here... violins and a young girl voicing hope in soaring notes and endless intervals...* Despite the hero down *violas... cellos... a bass drum roll...* Besides promising clear skies independent energy low mortgages reasonable wages AND anyone that wants a Hummer will be forced to drive one as fuel cost climb past six bucks a gallon... *Because no, I won't pay for bullshit...* But what I totally promise is....

Quarterback Matt Cassel won't get another start. For the New England Patriots, that is. Send him to San Diego. Tell them he's a running back of great potential. (hehehehe.) Or better yet, send him to the Jets... tell them he is a fantastic linebacker. (hehehehe....)

I don't usually do this? But events have driven me to it. I must speak out. In the interests of a peaceful Sunday brew. And it is on such small moments a greater peace is forged. In the interests of human kind find a better solution. Figure it out, NE Patriots, and win. Or man will I be cranky.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh no.

Its all Belichicks's fault. To be fair, there is a lot on the guy's mind. He's thinking X's this way, O's that way, and a few F's thrown in for the Freck of it. He doesn't have time for the G's (good luck charms).... specifically.... When I was getting ready haul my blubbery rear down to my favorite bar stool... located on the left (Left) end of my favorite bar... I contemplated a lump of silver. I was thinking about the difficulties inherent in a good luck charm. And how, good luck charms sometimes are something found. Or something that comes with history. And you risk, introducing a good luck charm into the mix it not being the right charm.... but merely a lump of silver that you kinda like when you are in the mood.

And my hurry-up-your-blubbery-rear-the-kick-off-is-about-to-happen thought pattern continued, if I wear my hopeful gargoyle*.... the fellow I haven't grabbed a chain for yet.... and something happened? Not having my pick up truck joy riding gargoyle would be a neutral. And, the last thing I'd say in my defense is.... the Pats should have won by 30 points anyway.

Here I'll point out.... the obvious. TODAY, SEPTEMBER 7TH, 2008, IS THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2005 THAT TOM BRADY, QUARTERBACK FOR THE NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS NFL , HAS NOT BEEN LISTED ON THE INJURY REPORT BEFORE A GAME. My little gargoyle ain't nuttin' against such precedence.
I will wear Monsieur Le gargoyle for all future games. I promise. And I suspect Brady will be on the injury report for a while. *choke* Also, I can't really speak to specifically what happened... I need to be able to sleep tonight.
(must also warn the reader (or 2) of my site that I am now taking some courses in quest of a paycheck. And may be even more sporadic.)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cats for Pats

I made this little sketch... You see, I think the New England Patriots (NFL football team) need to update their logo. Instead of the Flying Elvis.... how about a cat? and... instead of red white and blue... throw in a bit of pink. You know, in that cute headdress between the white star on a blue background and the white feathers... fade out with pink.


Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Fun Guest Towel

I bought this as a present... first for a young relative. And now I'm debating on whether to send it to my sister. My sister just bought a house, and this does crack me up.

Wouldn't that be a fun house warming present? Its from Recycled by Hyena's shop on Etsy.

Monday, September 1, 2008

My Town... is a Town of Fine Metal

Here's a wax of my latest ring...

Its a wax I carved... I'll get it casted into silver this week. (For the model... which is then used for a mold and more castings.) I've been trying to make a house ring for a while. This is the sort of conundrum I run into when someone asks about how much time does something take. Its like... how much time it takes to finish something? How much time does it take for something to succeed? or how much time does it take to become a famous wealthy (I'd skip fame for wealth any day) jewelry designer? I like the house shape. It started in some drawings I did a couple of years ago. Last year I made these earrings....

(Which. I'd switch out the earwires were I to list them again.) A couple of months ago I carved one "house ring" which bombed. I never casted it into silver because... well... I liked the idea but it wasn't there. The "house" needed more company for a ring. I'm pretty satisfied with its latest incarnation.... more of a "Town Ring." After a couple of years of thought... earrings... one bombed wax drawings and numerous sketches... I still don't think is all that is because there was something in the first "house ring" that interests me so we'll see. But then... I'm the sort that does not edit out fragmented sentences... the thought... the process.... is always going on....