Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Nipping it with a Bud

*They say if you multi-task you don't do any particular task well. Or something like that. I'd claim the excuse of multi-tasking but I haven't had the energy lately to fake it. So my excuse for bloggel neglect is I've been just messing around inarticulately.*

On to more important matters. Relax New England Patriots fans. *Of course, you might notice the timing of this post... after Sunday's win. lol. You might think I ought to have posted this before. But hey, its easier to predict the future if its in the past.*

The Pats v. Jets game was not fun. I went to the place I watched the Pat's 2001 season, not where I've watched since. The main reason being my neck. So I blamed the Pats' loss to the Jets on my not drinking the fine beer of my normal perch. Yet I persevered this past Sunday for the Pats v. Falcons game. I again went back to the bad-beer easy-neck bar. The thing is, the 2001 season was a fine one. So my clutching a Bud while cheering ought to be a survivable offense. And the Pats came through. Through the fog of a healthcare debate the Pats won a game. lol. *Bar arguments can be so peculiar sometimes.* Though one thing about the game did stick out. Brady was yelling. My theory is, Gisele has him on a diet. He's looking skinny. So his temper is short. Someone quick give that fellow an apple pie.

I have been able to finish a few things. One is the lid thingy. Its been molded and is re-casted. Here's it in its last evolution. I'm happy with it.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Karma and the Injury Report

I tell people I didn't become a New England Patriots fan until Brady. *Wipe that smirk off your face, or keep it. He wins. Fake tan or eyebrow waxing who cares. If it helps, get a freakin' pedicure I've always wanted one.* You see, when Brady played in 2001, it was exciting. The energy level was amped. When Cassel took over last year? He did a great job the next energy level down. Its not that Brady is perfect, its that a Brady lead offense is always out there. Always playing.

When I saw that the injury report listed Brady as "probable" with a "sore right shoulder" for tonight? I'm like take it to the bank I want to buy a Powerball ticket. *well I do anyway but that's another story.* *See previous stories on the injury list and Bellichick's odd karma.* *Also, my assorted musings on the lottery.*

Butt. There is always a butt involved in tights, as it were, with football. ;) *Its amazing how many little old ladies watch football but I digress.* ;) *oh isn't such digression fun.* ;) lol. But this time its a knee, poor knee. And, in the interest of karma, I won't go on about that knee but say the fellow involved inspired one of my favorite posts.

But I will talk about second guessing. And how I, default in my mortgage but catching up stand, making my point with a coming winter sky. A really good player plays from the heart. I don't like the way players are moved about like pawns. I know they are pawns? They know that too? But a really good player plays from the heart. Feed a broken heart to karma and she'll bite you in the butt. That's all I can say. (Though. Seymour has moved on I'm sure, suffering only mild ego bruising. He is a pro.) The plus side is listing Brady's shoulder as "sore" and "probable" on the injury list. Keep the gray hoodies on Bellichick and I think Pats're gold. The upside to karma is she's fickle, particularly with winter sports. I haven't won the lottery yet and when I do I'll expert the Pats on their goings' on.

It was a fun game tonight. I like Buffalo as long as the Pats beat them. Sort of like an indulged rival cousin. That last pass hand off mess? Gold. Pure youtube fun for years to come. *below an instructional video for the Bills. lol.*

EDIT Hah! here's the Bills. Told you they need an instructional video!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Kisses At Large

I've alluded to my difficulties connecting with solvency. I have theories about this. The theories vary with the brew and the season. Which infers perhaps to the salient aspect on why solvency might be an issue. But life does not bore me enough to even go into it, lol, I'll leave that to the folks who make their bed in the morning. Why waste sunrise moments. Um, that is, if I were up that early. lol.

Though to subvert conclusions forming, I don't really care when I get up. I do remember a time jogging as the sun rose. (Youth is ephemeral, and somewhat bouncy.) But even later I have painted landscapes at nature's first green. Those colors rock. They really are worth hitting coffee in a drive thru on your way to a cold grey predawn scene.

But getting back to solvency and my tortured relationship to it. (I don't like talking to my mortgage company. One peculiar quality of a mortgage company I've noticed is, if you don't like an answer just hang up and call again. I have never gotten the same answer twice. lol. For real. lol. Its odd but I do, seriously, find that faceless conglomerate very personally not nice.)

So referencing kisses at large and solvency and whatever connection might be drawn to the 2. Clicking through etsy I saw this in Spamberly's shop.

I've not seen the movie. "waiting for guffman." And the probability that I'll see it is low. But, I can hear a laconic voice saying "i been workin' here at the d.q. for about um...eight months? seven? i don't know, somethin' like that, it's fun. just do the cones...make sundaes, make blizzards, 'n...put stuff on 'em, 'n...see a lot of people come in, a lot of people come to the d.q...burgers...ice cream...anything, you know? cokes...just drive in and get a coke, if you're thirsty."
My legs couldn't handle that job. My sense of humor would probably fail. But I'm there! "just drive in and get a coke, if you're thirsty."

Happiness. Or maybe some satisfaction. Or enjoyment of the pursuit. Whatever. The colors are out there. ;)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day

I enjoy working in my workroom on holidays. Holidays, early in the day, are splendidly quiet. The traffic is light and even lawn mowers don't do much. Later on in the day people get a bit active in the hurry up and have fun mode, but the mornings are wonderful.

This fellow I started on yesterday, and pretty much finished it up this morning. I was going to change the bale. But think not now. He's carved out of wax, and will be cast into sterling silver. The circular bezel will hold a 3 mm stone.

He's kind of a fun way to get back into things. I've been busy with, ah, "life" I suppose you might say. If paying bills is considered life, and not a slow death!