Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meditating on Cabs

*No, this does not involve New York City or excessive drinking.*

I was unhappy with my previous oval cabochon design. (The triangular one.) Now I have a couple more designs to think about! The photo for this one I thought fun enough to post. The other is still a sketch. In this one, the huge bezel (the ring around the stone that hold a stone in) will be replaced by a more normal bezel. So picture this carved wax in silver. *I'm not too sure about this design either! Except I do feel that one day my patient mother will get something!*

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apply for a Job

I'd love to apply for this job!
I need a job that only drives me crazy in small amounts, and being aa etsy forum moderator would be a perfect fit! Most posters are boring!

I have no life. I am on Etsy whenever I'm not gainfully employed, which means quite a bit. I do not think I am quick to anger, and while I do consider some people nutty I realize that is totally within their rights and within the mainstream of humanity. I am comfortable judging people, though, and the mute button while used sparingly would be done with definite flair. It is not when someone is insulting or derogatory that is the worst, its when they are totally unamusing while being insulting or derogatory,

I am not certain I could come up with quotable closures, but maybe Shel Silverstein could help me out. I have his book "A Light in the Attic" on hand, and for weekends I think it would be sufficient. "The saddest thing I ever did see/ Was a woodpecker pecking' at a plastic tree./ He looks at me, and 'Friend,' says he,/ 'Things ain't as sweet as they used to be.'"

While that may or may not be appropriate to the snit of the moment, I do feel the imagery to be solid enough to have a global (mild) wtf moment. And Etsy is a world wide site.

This is tough. I do have a degree. It has been a dust collector at times, and an art enabler at other times! I also have a certificate in jewelry making and repair which is pretty useless and I am quite proud of.

Work Experience:
Cutting logs was the most memorable. Probably because it was the most odd. I was a kid and had no clue how ridiculous I was being. I then loaded the logs in a wheelbarrow and carted them 1/2 a block down a hill. Payment was much less a consideration than finally finishing.

One job I did not take was a yacht job in the South Pacific.

My two cats. Their names are Ms Chubbs, and Ms Bird. That's all the references I need for a moderator job.

My cats (as already listed) and my 1992 Toyota pickup. I'm heavily associated with my pickup. No one else drives it.

My biggest achievement is I am not incredibly obese, *yet.* This has always astounded me. There are individuals within my family that have battled weight gain. And despite my love for chocolate, frozen yogurt, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, cake pastries pasta cheese and french fries... I can tie my shoes without breathing hard. I can also still ride a bike, though it is now a recumbant with shock absorbers.

Here I'll link my self portrait, as I think it best depicts my inherent grace...

After purchasing an item from my StoneyCharms etsy store, include job offer in comments. ;)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Question Answered

I was delving through my photo album... I have only one. The pictures in it are 3 and 4 deep with the plastic coverings split and taped. Its been years since I've added to it. In most of the shots I'm obviously not the one with the camera! The first is me having a true Peace Corps moment. I tried to entice a burro (or whatever it was) into a hotel room while not not spilling my drink. I was only partially successful. The critter decided my offerings weren't adequate temptation.

This is a photo of a road in Scotland. I hitchhiked on it. The day before this road had been closed due to snow. I, of course, didn't know that. lol. Nor did I realize it was such a scenic route. I had figured I wanted to go from here to there and that was the squiggly line on the map I choose. *The squiggles probably represented mountains.* Two of the 3 cars going my way that day gave me rides. Nice folks, the Scots.

And here is where I answer the age old question, why women go to the bathroom in pairs. Here's my friend Kate and I on a great road trip through Colorado and New Mexico.

I'd like to say I've become smarter as I've gotten older. But I suspect, I'm just having a bit less fun.
*oh and. Its been years... like, I don't think you would recognize me from these photos!*

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Amazing Video

I must warn you it's of an elephant giving birth. I thought it would gross me out as I'm not into bodily functions. But it is amazing.

Fil Dogum Yapiyor (Elephant is Giving Birth) - Click here for the most popular videos

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Snarkwit of Snarkology

This post is a reprinting some snark from etsy forms. Specifically from the snark thread, which miraculously remains unclosed. Anybody that has a problem with it, well, I snark you. (lol):

desnarkification is futile

Snarkaholic - People who are drawn to snarkiness. lol

I guess I gotta go to Snarka-anon

Snark-weiser: a tasty blend of beer and snark.

SnarkMart - a place where snarks go shopping. lol

ensnarklements: when two people are snarking back and forth incessantly

lmsao (you know it)

snarkcophagus where dead snarky people go.


snarkmark - claiming your snark term

snarkabration: when too many people are having too much snarky fun

desnarking- the act of disproving someone else's bad snark

snurker: when a snarky person is a lurker
Disagree. True snarkers cant keep their snarks to themselves.

I cant stop laughing... or snarking I m snarkeling

Snarkometer - to measure ones snarkiness.

snarkation- the act of turning a comment into a snark

The Church of Snarkatology

Snarkvo = convo gone bad


M.F.S. degree: Master of Fine Snark

PMS premenstrual snark

Snarksters - - aren't those urban hippy snarks?
Only if they live in New Snark City

snark-at-us interuptus-
when the thread gets closed before you get to hit the post button on a particularly well planned and typed snarky post

Snarkitute - someone who snarks for money! hehehe

snarklopedia - what we are writing here

Snarkie = newbie snarker

Snarkobreak.. I m back now.. whew...

snarktator: one who exercises absolute snarkiness

There once was a Snark from Nantucket
loves snark so much would post "F*ck it"
The OP cried lame,
it caused her great pain
but the snarks all said you could suck it!

Snarkenstein --It's alive!

snark pit - you don't want to go there


snarkblivious ~ unaware that a thread has been hijacked and responding to the OP

And here are some of the snarkators of the above snarks: theeye, ScentedLuxuries, cctexan3, DesignedByLucinda, paperstreet, sunflowerexpress, Art2ArtColorado, azjewelrydesign, KreatedbyKarina, fivelittlegems, LovelandBeads, peaseblossomstudio, BambooFashion


Friday, January 1, 2010


Its the New Year. I'm not into resolutions. Not really. Its like I look around and say I've been meaning to do that, and that, and oh yeah that. Same old same old, in other words. Like I don't know how many times "brush up on my Spanish" has made the list, though this year "organize" is there too. (I know hopeless, and "organize" on any list of mine pretty well defines that.) So this year "eat more chocolate" is there, and I bought some chocolate fudge brownie frozen yogurt to get the New Year off to a good start. *I would have put down "drink more beer" but I didn't want to get redundant.*

I have this theory, that if you pay attention to what you were into between the ages of 10 and 12, you can peg what kinda makes you click. So like, for me, since I spent those years squirreled away in a workroom, messing around with different materials like twigs and sawdust, varnish wood burning lead soldering slate and chalk and beans and peas and boxes and clay and a jigsaw and whatnot... getting a job in a public relations firm, for instance, might not meet with the happiest of conclusions. *I still have that jigsaw, by the way.* So same old same old resolutions are like a scrap book revisited. They may not take you any where new, but they can make you smile.

Another thing that sidesteps into view, is the definition of success. Which is problematic with me. Because, well, I've thought about living out of a step van and (again) as a kid drew cartoon pictures of bums. At the same time, I *adore* showers, clean clothes and sufficient heat. I like being able to buy the metal and stones and tools I want. Money abstractly is not attractive, but anyone that says it isn't important has enough heat in their dwelling. You can't diss money with blue lips.

So if I were to add a resolution targeting my definition of success? a resolution about making stuff? What would it be? Selling would be nice for sure for sure. But more than anything, I want to make great stuff. I want to sit in my work room and have fun. I want to continue to evolve.

Here's a pic of the pendant I've been mulling over. I've finished carving it now, just needs casting. I'm still up in the air about whether to have it molded, or just make it a one-off. I think there's enough slack there for molding (you need to allow 5% shrinkage.) But. Haven't decided. It will be cast into sterling silver, and the stone is torquoise.

And here is a pic of Linda's very fun piece. *The picture doesn't do it justice at all! Plus, the wall isn't right for it. but I have cats that like dangly things. so. What can you do.* *and the flash x'd out the shadows.*