Friday, November 30, 2007

Fixing Faces

*I am well aware that you are suppose alliterate with restraint. But this is MY blog... not some English paper.*

Anyway. Here's a picture of my latest endeavor. The nose is unfortunate. Kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson. I'm thinking on trying to fix it... there's a bit of porosity in this casting which would make soldering on a scrap of metal risky business. (Heat makes porosity a bit more expressive, you might say.) I carved the original out of wax. This is the model, out of silver. The end product will be bronze. But I need to be a bit more happy about it. The nose is bugging me.

The box is out of glass.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Contributing Karma

Okay. I do have an ulterior motive. I want my kitties home. My 2 missing kitties are the sweetest misfits in the universe. My kit-cats, the jigsaw pieces that make the rest of the puzzle okay, are gone... through a mistakenly left open door over a long weekend. I think the desire to alter the outcome of events that we, pathetic collective microorganisms that we are, has a long and convoluted pedigree. That's okay as far as I'm concerned... at least in its mushiest, humanest form. I have less tolerance for the more diadactic desires.... but that's not what I'm wanting. I want the lighted candles kind of hope. You know, like, the "end war" kind? The kind that happens in parks that folks drive by and say those peace people are just nuts. I guess the common part is hope and.... frantic wandering.

Contributing karma. How to make someting better that you have little to no control over. Shaking a kitty treat bag while calling and walking about the neighborhood... how much help is that? What can be done to overcome the fear.... I freely admit. I'm trying to generalize to ignore the very specific and personal worry.... How about taping a "life" symbol on my forehead? I store my lottery tickets under it.

But. My contribution to karma... to tip the balance to fit my needs will be to go sit in the rain near my back porch for my cats, and cross my fingers for peace.

*The kitters are home now. Yeah! I finally enticed the last of the wayward ladies back Thursday night.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Supremes, or a Note on the Patriots Scoring Potential

hehehehe. (Figured I'd get that out of the way first.) hehehehe. (And second.)

But really, is there any doubt in anyone's mind that watched the Patriots play Sunday (late) night that they could have easily scored 3 more touchdowns? And make the score instead of a lowly 56 to 10, 77 to 10? Look at it. By restricting themselves to 56 points how is that running up the score? And, did you watch them go into overdrive just before the half? This is something the Pats take pride in. That they could score in 2 minutes if necessary. And it has been necessary! (Truely. The Pats rock.) So extapolate that over a game. Say, for instance, the Pats have posession for 30 minutes and score every 2 minutes... that's 15 touchdowns... 105 points. That means the Pats left 49 points on the table Sunday night. The Pats are the epitome of sensativity self restraint and humanitarian impulses towards the easily crushed, necessary to nurture, fragile flowers that compose the egos of the rest of the NFL.

hehehehe. (and again.)

but really. Those guys are good. When they say, its the offenses' job to score and the opposing defenses' job to stop them... that's it. Watching the Pats execute is scarily good. I'm glad I'm a Pats fan, otherwise... I'd be one beer soaked pissed off hair pulling barstool kicking... woman that really needs to get a life. Miami... read my comment after the "difficulty walking" post. Might give you a helpful suggestion on how to deal with your impending doom.... I mean game.

But enjoy it if you can. What the Pats are doing and doing so well is gold. NFL gold... which might be a heavily package over managed strategized to the last scrap of tape (!) and infiltrated with unspecified elements while clutched at with greed and hyped by bobble headed noise makers that are marketed by... desperate self hating artists. It is good... good as NFL gold.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fun Stuff

I purchased this from the other day. It was just way too appropriate for me to ignore!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What's in a Face

I doodle a lot. I doodle when I'm listening, thinking, when I am stumped on a design. And most of the time I doodle faces... all sorts of faces. After posting my last "doogle" entry, I got to thinking what makes a face in my doodling world. I decided it was the eye(s). Very few of my doodles are without at least one eye. Oh and an explaination on why I call them "doogles." A doodle lacks intentionality and reproducing them gives them intentionality. I just felt they needed another name when lifted out of my long suffering sketchbooks.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

difficulty walking...

Thought I'd update... after spending a totally unreasonable amount of time on Patriot football related blogs in the past couple of days... was that a game, or what? What is really funny is. I go to watch the games in a bar. (Don't own a t.v. Yes, I'm one of THOSE.) The bar I go to has good beer and reasonable prices, an unbeatable combination for me. I'm willing to crank my neck up to watch the game at the goal post heights they place the t.v.s... jeesh. Again, good beer. But this fellow sat next to me that was there during the.... ah... how to phrase it... ah.... that thing that happened during the AFC thing last year......!!! It was absolutely horrible, which would be clarification enough to any Pats fan. So during the third quarter I'm thinking. What if this is bad luck? What if MY sitting here is in any small way jinxing...

So I started braiding my hair. It's the least a beer swilling middle aged broad could do. And IT WORKED! (snickers uncontrollably) Before heading off to stress test my neck, I attempted yet again a football thread at I called it "difficulty walking." Due to, well, the crossed fingers and crossed toes. Hence the braiding of the hair. You know, I'm not gonna cross toes while watching Pats football! Neither will I cross fingers while drinking beer. Etiquette.

But the comedic relief from the past few days are: Harrison slapping a ref on the rear. Is Harrison and Seau sharing a water bottle? Seau's splaying of his arms like a vaudville extra after an interception was tough to beat, but Harrison's competitive instincts pulled him through. Also, a comment on an ArmchairGM post comparing "Dungy is to Belichick as Mother Theresa is to Osama Bin Ladan." My computer screen will never be the same. A turban might improve Belichick's apparel... dunno and don't care. The guy wins games and players respect him. But Dungy in a habit? (I sell "LOL" earrings, by the way.) Another post that amused me. And it also informed me about the blindness of attitudes. A NFLgridion post basically questioned the appropriatness of the Pats to accuse the Colts of cheating (with piped in sound.) And I'm like, who better to question a team but the team that just beat them? Really. ("WTF" earrings aren't currently in stock.) ("doh" earrings are, however.)

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Blogging Doogles

Couldn't decide which do stick in... I've so many doodles clogging my sketch books.