Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fumbling Flowers Flailing Frustratingly About

I wanted to make my mother a pin for Christmas. *a bit late, I know.* Generally, flowers just aren't my thing. Dunno why. Their images just aren't in that portion of my brain that engages my hands and makes stuff. But, my mother is into flowers. This is my first attempt at a pin for my mother... and I'm not too sure about it. The green wax that I carved would be cast into silver. The stones that I laid on top would probably be peridots in the finished piece, should I finish this!

I can already see what I want to do differently. It takes finishing something up to this point sometimes to figure out the problems. Hopefully I'll finish up the re-do.... soon!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

You Go Guys!

And Merry Christmas too. Wes Welker gets the penalty? so freaking what. That snow angel was a nice snow angel. Anyway, it gets my vote. If the Pats don't make the playoffs? pfffffft!!!! They do know how to play well and make snow angels. 'tis the season. You Go Guys!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pics and Drips

I haven't decided whether to publish my website or not... Not sure if my lack of enthusiasm is due to this monster head cold, the weather, proximity of Christmas... or if I just really need to read a Rex Stout murder mystery and fuggedaboudit. Here are 2 pics I took... from under my porch cover as the weather dripped coldly.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Merry Holidays Everyone!

Here's a video... shared by teegee... that just cracks me up. Best drinking song ever. Well. If you think you know a better one, lemme know! Its by the Gaelic Storm.

Now I must make a comment about the New England Patriots football team. They are showing off. Last year everybody thought they were running up scores. My response was... they had some records to crush. But its this year is where they are really showing off. Its a contest.... how many key injuries can a football team have and still win. By the fourth quarter in Sunday's game they were out (from back in the season), starting QB stud Tom Brady, safeties Rodney Harrison and James Sanders, of the three starting defensive linemen they had one (Wilfork and Warren out), linebackers Thomas (very big loss) and Bruschi and Woods were injured, and rookie CB Wheatley injured (he was a starting CB at the time of injury.) That's just defense. A serious portion of the season was spent with the top 3 running backs on the team out... leaving Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis who I will maintain they picked up because of his name. (He was an undrafted free agent rookie.) Thankfully the guy is a pretty good ball player, along with a great name.

So. The Pats are showing off in a very disgusting manner. Where is the outrage? Where are the Hate-riots? Where are the gleeful commentators with serious facades lathered on pronouncing that when a team is playing 2 linebackers who have been back on the team less than a week the Pats should... just... kneel the ball. Really. Where's the respect I ask you.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Favorite Foods

Avocado, mango, olives.

Hot fresh french bread insides, and crust. In that order. Cranberry walnut bread. Cranberry walnut buttermilk bran muffins. Thick french toast with butter and maple surup. A short stack of buttermilk pancakes at 1 a.m., after dancing, when 19 years of age.

Tofu mushroom loaf and barbecued tofu. Spinach lasagna. Spinach soffle. Lightly stir fried spinach with soy sauce, louisiana hot sauce, garlic onions and red red wine. Spinach salad, spinach pizza and spinach ravioli. Carrots. And of course, carrot cake.

Herbed rice (the kind with a bunch of different spices that fills the house with scent.) Fried rice. Brown rice. Hot white sticky rice that clumps. Dahl. Vegetable curry. Mango chutney. Mexican Chipote seitan.

The cherry pie that my grandmother made. Apple pie. Pie crust with cinnamon sugar on top, baked when making pies. Cinnamon toast. Cinnamon rolls. Lattes with cinnamon on top.

Hot fudge sundaes, when 16. Chocolate chip cookies with nuts. Brownies. Minty chocolate chip frozen yogurt. Chocolate. Also, chocolate pecan pie after dancing, when 21 years of age.

Super Supper that my mother made.

*thanks mlh*


Just thought I'd show off my at work, work bench, before I run off to it this morning. What I like about this bench is the tray, which has sides to it. This makes for a convenient setting spot, which as you can see I always need more setting spots! The bench is more messy than my one at home, due to not having a enough stuff storage and others will occassionally borrow tools from the bench. And, well, I'm a bit messy. The bench pin is a bit wiggly, but, that only annoys me sometimes.