Sunday, November 23, 2008

Applause for Ms Chubbs

Here's The Amazing *slightly* Less Chubby Ms Chubbs, who has endured months of dieting to shed one pound...

And a picture of a ring. I may list this for sale... dunno. Its a simple 14k ring, a yellow gold twist between 2 white gold bands. I thought it would look rather fetching on my little Buddha. I bought the little Buddha a few years ago, not because I'm into Buddhism (the reincarnation deal really isn't my thing), but i just liked his attitude.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Low Points

I'll start off with the high points first. I was going to call this, "Sometimes you loose," with particular reference to my cat, Ms Chubbs. She has lost a pound. I think its official now. Its gone beyond the wondering whether I'm weighing her post poop. If she lost a few more I'd be happy, she'd be healthier, and maybe she could clean her own butt. But even one pound loss is a victory.

Another high point was Moss' catch with 8 seconds left in the New England Patriots game, vs the Zets. That was a total Moss moment. However, not sure I want to write more, and therefore remember more, of that game. *I'm not a particularly good looser.* And besides, as I rushed to catch the last half, ducking out of a nauseating irritating computer class to do so.... Well. Suffice it to say, it was a full moon night.

But the low point I remember of the last half of the game? There was that amazing snap that resulted in about a 15 yard loss, I seem to recall, as I grabbed a beer. But what I didn't like, and was a major low point, was watching QB Matt Cassell yell at Big Ben Watson after he dropped a catch. Frankly, that was more painful than the dropping of the catch. And not very nice. I'm trying to not draw Brady comparisons, but I've never seen Beau Brady do that. Never. Which is one of the things I like about Tom Brady. Today I watched a bit of the Steelers game. And saw Rothensberger talk with a receiver that just dropped one of his passes. He wasn't yelling. *Yelling is uncool.* *Someone needs to tell Cassell that.* *Hey Cassell, yelling at your receivers is uncool.*

I was going to include yet another pic of my cat, The Amazing Less Chubby Chubbs, but she's being modest. Maybe later.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Change Is Tough

(Well, in football it is. I read about the end of the salary cap after the 2009 season, and I don't know. NFL franchises are money making machines. And in the past, players have not benefited from the money stream. The retired players, with health problems, did not receive the health care or financial support from the game they helped develop into the popular sport it is today. The players do make money now, but not as much as is first reported. A guy can get cut after 8 games, after being signed for 70 million. To me the success of the New England Patriots has been a perfect trifecta of good owner, good coach, and good quarterback (and team.) How you divie up that money pie I don't know. I hope it gets resolved for the benefit of all. There should be enough to go around.)

This brings me to the nation situation, as it were. With the financial implosion going on, jobs hiding where I can begin to find, and home foreclosures of record setting levels to where the "American dream" resembles a wild west ghost town, in fog. How hard can change be? CHANGE IS TOUGH! Jeeza loui-za peoples. Tuesday night even after Ohio and Penn went down, I couldn't believe. I didn't, and still have trouble wrapping my mind around it. Jeesh.

Not only did Americans elect the first African American to the presidency.... he's got a funny name. (Sorry people, but Barack HUSSIEN Obama? Next to your Smith or Jones, or Washington or Jackson...) The American people chose possibility and hope over fear and stereotypes. Obama had a massive amount of money that I only wished I could have donated to. *I did buy a t-shirt!* But he needed it. He needed a freaking bulldozer. He had lots of sh*t to plough through.

But the American people stepped up. I'm still amazed. I'm watching the Pats (vs Bills) right now, seeking grounding or something.... so maybe I can blame the tears in my eyes on a football loss. But those fools are winning. You just never know.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Awww..... man.....

Call me a wine hearted filo dough encrusted *pop tart* of a fan. Call me a beer enjoying barstool warming fried potato evaluator of a fan. Label me the far left (Left) restroom pointer t.v. dissin' loud mouthed rookie cheering hopeful of a fan. Whatever. I left tonight with 2 minutes and 14 seconds to go. But I gotta tell you, with as much emphasis as my severely distracted pinko commie light bulb hating pop tart of a liberal self has left.... (which you know there is always extra emphasis left for whatever arms raised shocked face and attention drawing yelps are needed should someone drop a candy wrapper on the sidewalk, in the middle of the day, in front of my ever crossed toes....)

I have got to say, plainly, or as plain as the signals of life are after encountering the convoluted energy sapping agenda confusing politically stumbling thought numbing time of electioneering when the under employed of us stand unfortunately idly by like "whazzup?" I have got to say, admitting to whatever wrong headedness that has messed with my karma bringing me to this point like the shaking of a wild bird's egg in second grade to see if there was something in there.... killing the small life inside with the clutch of my curious self.... I have got to say....

They did good. Those damn Pats. Tonight.... they lost. But, the Brady-less New England Patriots football team have finally won my heart. Cheers guys, a game well played.

My Wobbly Website.... and Shadow Shot Sunday

I'm still working on my website. If I knew how to do stuff better it wouldn't be such a struggle. Like, not knowing much about computers is a bit of a hinderance. As well as not owning any of the programs. I think, though, its yet another instance of my mucking about psychology. (Couldn't resist that link.) I seem to have an innate fear of easy living or something. Whatever... such subterranean motivational impulses of stumbling incompetence and beer grabbing incoherence are way too deeply buried, and kinda boring anyway. My baby Website should be launched sometime in the next millennium.

Here's a collector's card I had made up months ago.... (In print it really isn't such a shocker of a yellow.)

And here is a SHADOW SHOT SUNDAY! On Sunday, oddly enough. I feel like I intruded on someone else's staged scene...