Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good Luck!

My High School graduation was obligatory, I suppose you'd say. I showed up. I think the major thing was to stay out as long as possible, and to drink. I wish I'd been more coherent in those days and created some interesting mayhem, but unfortunately I just got the diploma the alcohol and the fatigue.

Here are a few good luck doodads I made for a young relative who is graduating High School. The acorn has the Chinese Fu symbol on it. (My apologies to the billions of chinese who might not recognize my attempt at replicating their symbol!) None of these have been antiqued or polished. (They are models.) Liver of sulfur would really help the acorn in particular, though I don't particularly like that piece. Its casted for future reference or something. I dunno. I just liked the Fu part of it.

The one I think I'll send her is the Star pendant. I thought that fitting for a graduation. And I know I know it will be late! But. Ah. That's life.


Chucka Stone Designs said...

Love them all because your talent with metal simply amazes me :) The star will be a wonderful gift though, definitely fitting for a graduate! Just went to my cousin's college grad yesterday. Well the after party, not the ceremony itself. Way to feel old lol!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

BabyLyons said...

I'm sure she'll love it! It's beautiful :) They are all amazing! You've got such talent

Rosebud Collection said...

Even if it is late, what a wonderful gift..Really lovely..

Suldog said...

OK, I need to learn something. Liver of Sulfur? Does sulfur have all sorts of internal organs, or just a liver?

Gallery Juana said...

The star necklace is beautiful and will make a perfect gift.

Anonymous said...

I love the star charm! It's beautiful. I also really like the tree ring on your shop over at etsy. Too bad I don't have a credit card :( (I live in the Netherlands).


Chris Stone said...


Suldog said...


Seriously. What is liver of sulfur?

Chris Stone said...

Hey Suldog! Sorry... thought it a joke. And almost said sulfur has a liver and one beady eye on your blog!

i'll try and post a link in the blog... blogger didn't let me do it just now. But Liver of Sulfur is potassium sulfides. It darkens silver. so the texture of the acorn would show up better... as well as the star. I don't use it with models... because you polish the pieces before and after applying the LOS. Models aren't generally polished because it unnecessarily takes away metal and texture. Molds are made from the models, and then the final product is casted from that.

I shouldn't take pictures of the models... I just do it for the heck of it.

I saw some of the Celtics game the other night! It was fun... I left before the end so I wouldn't jinx them!