Sunday, September 21, 2008

One and Done

I have decided. To cure all the world's ills elect me... leader of the Free World. *At least I don't slaughter animals from a helicopter!* And I will promise you that, besides solving all the worlds crisises... including competently eradicate world hunger, unemployment, housing foreclosures, wall street greed and the skulduggery of lawyerly and banking 3 piece suits. I am totally committed to making illegal 3 piece suits.

There is another thing I will promise from the depths of my frustrated heart.... That a team that showed such promise... *music here... violins and a young girl voicing hope in soaring notes and endless intervals...* Despite the hero down *violas... cellos... a bass drum roll...* Besides promising clear skies independent energy low mortgages reasonable wages AND anyone that wants a Hummer will be forced to drive one as fuel cost climb past six bucks a gallon... *Because no, I won't pay for bullshit...* But what I totally promise is....

Quarterback Matt Cassel won't get another start. For the New England Patriots, that is. Send him to San Diego. Tell them he's a running back of great potential. (hehehehe.) Or better yet, send him to the Jets... tell them he is a fantastic linebacker. (hehehehe....)

I don't usually do this? But events have driven me to it. I must speak out. In the interests of a peaceful Sunday brew. And it is on such small moments a greater peace is forged. In the interests of human kind find a better solution. Figure it out, NE Patriots, and win. Or man will I be cranky.


RustChic said...

i feel your pain
- a saints fan

Chris Stone said...

I know it sounds whiny... but jeeze. The game today was bad. really bad.

Rosebud Collection said...

First, I want to see a Shadow Shot next week..Second..Leave the Jets alone..ha, ha..That ought to start your Monday off..

Jenn said...

Sigh. I don't know what else we can do. We sure as heck can't bring in O'Connell who gets sacked on, what was it, his 2nd play of the game? I sat with my jaw open all day. All my teams lost. And I stayed up until 11:30 to watch them all go down in flames.

Except the Red Sox. Maybe I'll just finish out the baseball season & come back to football in October. Sob.

Suldog said...

Bring Flutie out of retirement!

mlh said...

Just to see you NOT be cranky, I'll vote for you.

Suldog said...


Come on over and pick up your award. That's all I'm saying. :-)

Kevin Smith said...

Keep in mind that Cassel through his first two starts has actually posted comparable or better numbers than Brady. I'm not saying that he will become Brady-esque, but people forget that Brady didn't come in and light it up.

Brady lost his second start to the Miami Dolphins 30-10, completing only half his passes for 84 yards.

We've gotten spoiled with what Brady has gone on to become.

Yeah, last Sunday's game was ugly, but that's as much at the feet of the defense and the offensive line (the running backs had 55 yards on 16 carries - not exactly a sterling performance by the o-line).

I'm not saying he's without fault (at least two of the four sacks were his inability to pull the trigger when he needed to), but that was a team-wide collapse, right up to the coaches that failed to make adjustments at the half.