Saturday, January 17, 2009

Master Car Mechanic

Well. Not really. I'm not a master car mechanic... but this sort of repair is something I think I could specialize in. The not-just-duct-tape-anymore type repair.

On one of those freezing cold mornings this past week I had to squeeze in my truck through the passenger's door. Not only had I parked too close to the house (because of snow), but for some odd reason I'd locked my truck. Of course the door froze. And in climbing in I shattered the cold old plastic of my rearview mirror with a bump.

*note the nicely rounded corners of the brass plate I made. lol.*


Jamie said...

Very impressive! I would be lost:) I LOVE your Town ring. I can imagine all the people living in those buildings. Did you have to cut all the windows out?! That must have been quite a job. Thanks for sharing your blog link Chris! Jamie

kim* said...

you snow bunny

Chris Stone said...

thanks jamie! making rings is fun. the rings (and most of my stuff) are carved out of wax and cast into sterling silver. carving them out of silver would be way difficult!

Jenn said...

Nice job there MacGyver :) Can you believe all this snow? We are actually running out of room in our parking lot as the mounds pile up. I told Matt I will learn to ski in our back yard lol.

Prime Automobile said...

Grate work.

nice post.

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