Saturday, August 29, 2009

Buying Beer on Credit

*And cheers to the bartender who let me do it.*

It involves the New England Patriots, of course. I watch the games from a comfortable spot, about the 5th or 6th stool from the end. You see, the T.V. is at a certain angle and my neck has a certain capacity of angle, and its best if the 2 are within consensus range. Throw in bad eyes and you've a particular choice of stool. Throw in a couple of brews some football and...

But I digress.

This Friday was good. I got my comfortably angled spot, good beer, and Brady the quarterback was connecting. When the Pats went hot they sliced through the Redskins like the Pats of 2008. This season could be good. I'm not totally concerned about the defense yet. I think it will take a few more games for the secondary to gel, and hopefully it will! And Brady's right shoulder? He had to do that. (Fall on it with arm extended like he was asking Haynesworth for a tip.) He was on orders from Bellichick. Last season they opened with not putting Brady's sore shoulder on the injury list for the first time in, what, years? And you saw what happened.* So in the interest of a healthy knee and healthy offense Brady's sore shoulder must soldier on.

Back to buying beer on credit. A fellow Pats watcher, J, is moving to Austin. He says he might get into watching the Texans. Which, I gotta admit is preferable to the Cowboys. And as a fellow football watching non-t.v. owner, he's at the whims of the bar stool occupying majority. They do say all sports are local.

Anyway. The beer was for beer, football (even if its the Texans) and fun. Cheers and good luck.

*Brady's knee was injured in the first quarter of the first game he played not on the injury list as "probable" with a sore right shoulder.


Maggie May said...

beer on credit--

on my gravestone!!


Jenn said...

I concur, anyone but the Cowboys, ugh! Looking forward to a great season here in good old New England, especially now that it feels like fall outside (sob) haha

Chris Stone said...

I will be so disappointed if Brady doesn't get on at least one injury report with a "sore shoulder."

Suldog said...

I remember that I saw the injury report for that week and thought "Where's Brady's shoulder? This isn't right." and then the unthinkable happened. I'm happy to see he's giving it his all this year :-)

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

I enjoy your reviews of football. And I know how important it is to get the perfect seat. I am that way at the movie theater.

Michelle H. said...

Ah football... a precursor for hockey season in my book. Of "beer on credit," what's that bartender's phone number.

Hey, stop by my place for your award!