Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Biz Cards

Thank you very much, those of you who have visited. I am not apathetic about blogging, my blog or others'. I'd say more accurately I'm de-energized on life, at the moment. I'm finishing one job, beginning another, and have a mountain of projects I MUST DO NOW TO STAY SANE in my workroom. I also am in desperate need of business cards. I think I knocked off at least the card goal tonight. I've gotten rather tired of apologizing as I hand out my business card. "My card might look kind of silly, but check out my work..." I've ended up with a card that may not be less silly, but. Well. At least it's drawn and painted silliness. And that is the most serious kind. ;)

The card is reference to the avatar I use for my blog. And is from a previously posted drawing of mine. A troll, under a bridge, holding a flower and making the peace sign. (The colors are more vivid than this pic.)

One small project I finished is my Itty Bitty Cool Tree earrings. What I did was cut out the center of the Cool Tree Ring I'd carved, and made it into earrings.


Ladybuggz said...

Nice cards, Chris. And I like the earrings.

Suldog said...

The earrings are lovely. And I like the cards, too; clever.

Jenn said...

Cards like that catch the eye because they have a more personal touch, love them! And the earrings too, so pretty.

I have felt the same recently re: blogs, its rampant right now!

Chris Stone said...

Thanks people for stopping by. ;)

Gallery Juana said...

Love the earrings.
I'd keep your Handmade Business Card for sure!