Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Its the Hands

I think this post originated with my viewing earlier today. His rug of hands on a piano, title of the piece, "Just Shoot the Piano Player." So when I felt compelled to take a picture of a wax and I of course had to hold it... the hands stuck out. But its the piece! Carved wax, particularly carved swoopy wax... it is erotic... No doubt about it. Art in all its pure and unpure forms... is erotic. But there are those hands! Have I stumbled upon a metaphor of the universe? Religions seem to like hand stuff... is it an inadvertant recognition of the metaphysical disjunction between the pedestrian image and desire? There is some disjunction there and I ain't no John Donne. I be a simple carver of wax and drinker of beer. Cheers.

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