Friday, June 1, 2007

Jewelry jewelry jewelry

The title brings to mind some old image of a movie where a middle aged white guy is banging with a gravel dispensing justice. In a suit. He's wearing a suit. And the justice is good and right and you feel good and right and there's no static in the image. The good guys will win. And you can go to bed and sleep well thinking good and right stuff is being done. Man. What is with reality. What is with this country? What is it like being a 17 yr old and not even having a glimmer of an illusion of justice? I mean, I know its an illusion. But it is a FREAKING IMPORTANT one. With such illusions we develop standards. And with standards we try harder and expect more. In fact, we hope. Constitutions are written on the basis of such stuff. Humanity defines itself that way...
or not. Look up Genarlow Wilson. Georgia.

I began this posting to announce the opening of a stoney charms store on The title got me sidetracked. I found out about Wilson the other night. There's a petition to sign. I signed it, thinking of the anti-war petitions I've signed. Ah, hell. What a way to announce a store! Ya'll come visit now, ya hear?

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