Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fall Has Arrived

Its official now. What with my anxious hovering over my tomato plants... hoping the last couple of reddish ones have the opportunity to mature (and get tasty) before frost hits, and the Pats finally convincingly won a game. Okay... Denver's defense stunk. *I think the Denver defense got confused and went to Foxwoods (casino in CT) rather than Foxboro (where the Patriot's stadium is.)* And their quarterback injured his hand on the first play of the game.... but I'll take it. I'm sure all New England Patriots fans will take it. I'll even shut up about QB Cassell for at least a week. He didn't run into anyone this game and that is progress.

Above is a fallish looking shadow shot, taken while walking in Boston Commons.


Jenn said...

Yup, I sure will take that win over none! Not a bad game overall really except that Rodney is done ::sobs:: We may never see him play again since he was planning to possibly retire next year anyway. I was so bummed to watch him leave on the little cart. He has been such an important part of the team ya know/ Well anyway, as always, the Pats will go on...no player lasts forever...

Except maybe Tedy ;)

Great shadow shot!

Suldog said...

My favorite time of year! World Series! Football! Celtics start up again! Beautiful foliage! Cool, night air! There aren't enough exclamation points!!!!!

Gallery Juana said...

Your tomato plant hung in there much longer than I thought they could.

I haven't seen any American sports in years. I miss having all the snacks during the Super bowl.

nice shadow shot!

Rick said...

From a Denver fan - ooouuuch! That game hurt!!

Chris Stone said...

Awww rick. sorry, but your team kinda... well, is not doing well. (though there are other names for that...)

I do find you quarterback admirable.