Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fumbling Flowers Flailing Frustratingly About

I wanted to make my mother a pin for Christmas. *a bit late, I know.* Generally, flowers just aren't my thing. Dunno why. Their images just aren't in that portion of my brain that engages my hands and makes stuff. But, my mother is into flowers. This is my first attempt at a pin for my mother... and I'm not too sure about it. The green wax that I carved would be cast into silver. The stones that I laid on top would probably be peridots in the finished piece, should I finish this!

I can already see what I want to do differently. It takes finishing something up to this point sometimes to figure out the problems. Hopefully I'll finish up the re-do.... soon!


Jenn said...

You are probably just not in love with it because flowers are not your thing but let me tell you, this is simply beautiful! Definitely finish it :)

I am by your side mourning the loss of our FANTASTIC 11 win season, crying that is wasn't enough to get into the playoffs and wondering just how many "career ending" interceptions Favre plans to throw. It should pretty much play out -- he retires in March & then we will find out what team he will be playing for in July. At least his record gets better every time he retires. My friend & I decided he should play for Detroit because it couldn't get any worse.

Suldog said...

I agree with Jenn. It's a lovely piece.

Also, with you both on the Pats. Such a shame. Heroics abounded.

Chris Stone said...

thanks guys!

regarding the pats. yep. i keep thinking i want to write something on it... this was a great season. in many ways greater than last season. getting into the playoffs would have been a nice recognition of that.

Michelle H. said...

I agree with everyone here. It is beautiful, and I think you might surprise yourself on how the end result will look.

Rosebud Collection said...

I think it is lovely..You did a wonderful job.