Thursday, December 4, 2008

Favorite Foods

Avocado, mango, olives.

Hot fresh french bread insides, and crust. In that order. Cranberry walnut bread. Cranberry walnut buttermilk bran muffins. Thick french toast with butter and maple surup. A short stack of buttermilk pancakes at 1 a.m., after dancing, when 19 years of age.

Tofu mushroom loaf and barbecued tofu. Spinach lasagna. Spinach soffle. Lightly stir fried spinach with soy sauce, louisiana hot sauce, garlic onions and red red wine. Spinach salad, spinach pizza and spinach ravioli. Carrots. And of course, carrot cake.

Herbed rice (the kind with a bunch of different spices that fills the house with scent.) Fried rice. Brown rice. Hot white sticky rice that clumps. Dahl. Vegetable curry. Mango chutney. Mexican Chipote seitan.

The cherry pie that my grandmother made. Apple pie. Pie crust with cinnamon sugar on top, baked when making pies. Cinnamon toast. Cinnamon rolls. Lattes with cinnamon on top.

Hot fudge sundaes, when 16. Chocolate chip cookies with nuts. Brownies. Minty chocolate chip frozen yogurt. Chocolate. Also, chocolate pecan pie after dancing, when 21 years of age.

Super Supper that my mother made.

*thanks mlh*


Chris Stone said...

can't believe i forgot grapefruit and almonds.

mlh said...

Wow! That is some list! Thanks for the mention. I have to go look up "Dahl" now.

Jenn said...

That list could be completely reprinted & posted on my own blog lol. I am off to eat some chicken soup right now too yum1

I couldn't comment on your next posting (no comment link, weird) so will leave it here...

how many key injuries

I swear I thought this said KNEE injuries lol. It is killing me how awesome our team is right now but we have a very tough few weeks ahead of us!

Jenn said...

Oh wait, except the mushrooms...bleh lol

Michelle said...

mmm...I love a good Mango!

Chris Stone said...

Jenn... the Pats are doing a great job. My finger (toes, hair and whatever) are crossed for them in hopes of the playoffs. They really are, like Sulldog said, playing with a lot of heart.

And sorry mlh... its Dal. I learned a small bit of hindi while working as a PCV in Fiji. I think the only thing that has stuck with me is the "h's," misapplied.