Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I Want a Wes Welker Jersey!


But before I get into that there's been something bugging me about the NFL game between the Colts and Jets. I know tons of ink has been spilled over this the last couple of days. But I've been mullin' while other's have been spillin.' Why did the Colts toss that game. Because that's what it was. Resting the starters? Nobody believes that, right? Next week the Colts play the Buffalo Bills. The Colts could rack up 35 plus points by halftime and chill. Then they have a bye week. Nobody believes they tossed the Jets game to "rest" the starters.

The baddest reason would be something to do with playoff teams/gambling/point spread. I don't know enough about that stuff, and also think the Colt's coach is too smart to be that stupid. So we can dismiss that. "Resting" the starters is, as I've already pointed out, ludicrous. Could it be superstition? The Patriots in 2007 were a pretty smooth machine. I think the combine pressures of Spygate and a perfect season added a teaspoon of bilious sulfur to the odds of eventually not playing their best, which lead to the final game-which-will-not-be-discussed, and loss. That loss. That loss-which-will-not-be-discussed. (!)

If its superstition then the Colts are gutless. Completely and totally gutless. I don't think a team can have the kind of record the Colts have and be gutless. No. What I think their goal was? Pissing Belichick (coach of the New England Patriots) off. lol. Consider. The Colts said "Pishha. Perfect seasons *like the Patriot's* don't matter! Our goal is more lofty! Its the Super Bowl!" (loud snickers are heard in the background.) And, it is rumored that Belichick has decent hearing. See, the deal is, the Colts want a bigger challenge, bigger than a mere perfect season. They want to face a pissed off Belichick in the play offs. Makes sense, doesn't it? Its the only thing that does.

So send the Wes Welker jersey to XXO! ;)


Chris Stone said...

here's Bruschi's comment (from ESPN Boston):
“When you compare the ‘09 Colts to the ’07 Patriots,” Bruschi said, “I am going to say something that a lot of people are thinking but aren’t saying: At least the ’07 Patriots had the guts to go for it. That’s what they did, that’s what the Indianapolis Colts didn’t do, and that’s their problem.”

Gallery Juana said...

Whenever I come across a football game, it reminds me of your blog.

How funny that you had a similar experience with water! I can identify with thoroughly cleaning a place too.

Gallery Juana said...

Just wanted to add that my cat has adjusted very well and so quickly, that I was surprised. So sweet of you to ask.

Rosebud Collection said...

Have a Happy New Year and enjoy all the games..I think they have some on..I am dumb when it comes to sports..but like to tease about the N.Y. teams..You must understand..born a Long Islander,N.Y..always a L.I.,N.Yorker..in the blood..

Jenn said...

I completely missed the gam being out of the northeast but heard a little about it. Thanks for the recap, I always trust your opinions because they are honest. lol I'll take a #83 myself :-) Happy New Year!

Suldog said...

Oh! It was YOU that put the jinx on him! :-)

Chris Stone said...


that's exactly what i thought, suldog! lol.