Saturday, December 12, 2009

They're Here!

My newest pretties. I think its taken me so long to finish them up because, well, time has been at a premium. But I also just wanted to pet them for a while. The Lucky Bird pendant has a moissanite stone in its head, and a pink troumaline in the bail. The moissanite is way more expensive than a CZ would be, and I'm not sure anyone would notice. (Unless I was standing right there saying ain't it cute.) The moissanite does have better light qualities than a CZ. But the main reason I wouldn't set a CZ in something like this is, after going through all this effort why not use a nicer stone.

The Lucky Lips pendant, (not sure how lucky it would make anyone's lips!), has a mexican fire opal for an eyeball.

Sometime I'll collect all my writings on the penny pieces and post it under a link at the side. It has to do with finding coins in the street and the lottery. The luck of the jewelry, by the way, is for the pennies. They were lucky to be found and given a new life. Hopefully they'll spread the love.

(ugh. another bad pic!)


Strawberry Anarchy said...

those pennies are lovely!

Kristi Smart Romantic Fantasy Coats and Clothing. said...

Wow. You did beautiful things to those pennies.

Fern said...

Very pretty indeed :) Nice work!

Jenn said...

Love both of them but the red stone is really something! Great work, as always :-)

Suldog said...

Love the lucky bird. Of course, I collect wheat pennies, so I'm itching to know what year that one is :-)

Gallery Juana said...

I love the fired color of the red stone. Very pretty designs and I wool keep an eye out for your penny stories.

I am in the northern part of Mexico, not mexico city. Like you, Mexico city would be too big of a city for me.

Chris Stone said...

Thanks everybody! I'm psyched.

Suldog, the penny is a 1956. Its soldered in, so won't be of use to you! lol. I am only going to use wheat pennies for the bird pendants though. *seems fitting.*

Glad you didn't end up in Mexico City Juana! I love Mexico, but some areas more than others.