Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Pondering Pendants

This is just a follow up post. Because this might be a model to be molded, it's not polished and antiqued. But I'm happy with it! Even though I managed to photograph it slightly crooked.... Like I'm unconsciously making up for the deliberate imbalance of the design.

With the model, I'm leaving the area around the stone blank. that's where I'll solder in a bezel or prongs to set the stone. I could add prongs before molding, but not a bezel. Oval cabochons vary too much in shape to do that. And I'm thinking this design calls for a bezel. There will be about 5% shrinkage which is why the area around the stone looks so big. Hopefully it works! If so, my mother will get one of these! I'm much happier with it than the triangular thingy.


Michelle H. said...

Absolutely beautiful. It's a real eye-catcher.

Phantasteria said...

I have had cast something once ( the basic of this ring: )
As you can see - I did a lot with it afterwards, which Is what I find fun. having something made and then being able to still turn it into OOAK pieces.
I think the same would be possible for you: Bezels- or prongsetting with different stones, adding balls (possibly even of gold) or tiny tube settings with small stones. Then various structures, highlights, LOS (or not) etc.

In other words: Happy playing! The playground surely looks promising :-)

Suldog said...

Your mention of imbalance leads me to a question: Would the final piece be balanced on the chain or whatever, or would it naturally lean to one side or another on the person's chest?

(That may be a stupid question, to one with experience, but I don't know much about jewelry.)

Almost Precious said...

Ah yes, it is shaping up very nicely and will look stunning when it's finished.
Phantasteria does make a good point, this specific design could be easily adapted (by a jeweler such as yourself) to create many different looks, each very unique and OOAK.
Anyway, I think we're all looking forward to the reveal of your finished pendant.

Jenn said...

Love to see this go from wax carving to pendant. Its coming along just beautiful Chris! Your mom will love it :-)

Gallery Juana said...

Cool to see this piece transform from wax to a model. It's looking good with room for options.

Almay Alday said...

Love it! So pretty!