Thursday, January 28, 2010

Meditating on Cabs

*No, this does not involve New York City or excessive drinking.*

I was unhappy with my previous oval cabochon design. (The triangular one.) Now I have a couple more designs to think about! The photo for this one I thought fun enough to post. The other is still a sketch. In this one, the huge bezel (the ring around the stone that hold a stone in) will be replaced by a more normal bezel. So picture this carved wax in silver. *I'm not too sure about this design either! Except I do feel that one day my patient mother will get something!*


Almost Precious said...

Wow ! It must be great to be a real jeweler, I run into beaders all the time that call themselves "jewelers". But to me a real jeweler is one that has studied the art professionally, makes beautiful settings using precious metals and the lost wax casting technique and doesn't just string a bunch of beads onto a beading cable all day. They are also the ones that know the difference between a rhinestone, a Cubic Zurconia a Moissanite and a Diamond. Not that I,myself, could tell the difference by sight, but if someone tells me, "This is a real Diamond and this is a CA", I'd be inclined to drool all over the diamond !

Is this setting for the dark green cab that your mother originally wanted set or for the smaller but nicer (Sleeping Beauty?) turquoise cab that you were going to replace her original cab with ? I think this new pendant setting is lovely, though I also liked your first design, the triangular one. This one just looks a little more intricate, open and airy, while the other one was much more solid and had a more casual look to know, the type of thing one would wear almost everyday with their favorite pair of jeans and a cute tee? Look forward to seeing the finished piece, bet it will be a real knock-out.

Almost Precious said...

CORRECTION ON ABOVE COMMENT: That is supposed to have been "This is a real Diamond and this is a CZ." CA is the abbreviation of California and I can tell the difference almost instantly between California and a little diamond.

Jenn said...

Really love them both Chris and I can't wait to see what you decide on in the end. All your pieces are always stunning so it will be well worth your Mom's wait! I'm totally laughing at Anna's second comment hahaha!

tattytiara said...

Wow, I'm so ignorant of your craft I couldn't figure out what I was looking at, but once you said to imagine it in silver yes, I get it. Yes. I like it!

Chris Stone said...

" I can tell the difference almost instantly between California and a little diamond."