Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Post

lol. I was stuck for the name of this post, terminating a long absence. My thought was to babble on about the hiatus, but.

See, sometimes I talk, sometimes I don't. I asked a poor fellow once, who patiently endured a rather content free stream of drivel of mine whether I talked to much. He said, "If you even it out, no." *perfect.* In those days I had more to talk about. I was living in Chicago, in one of those borderline areas where artists congregate. Those areas that are safe enough, but not yet expensive. The ones with the good bars and fun motorcycles. I was balancing inadequately on the nerve endings of an existence that had, like my occasional mind numbing loquaciousness, not too much substance.

But, as I recently said to a co-worker, whom I asked to do a favor which saved on trash produced, what's the point. This is where silence is the cat got my tongue. What's the point. As oil gushes into the gulf killing and killing, why worry about the small acts. Why conserve and be consciousness. *I'm not totally grandizing inarticulateness. There is something about disaster that silences. Silences the wetlands of Louisiana, for sure.* I feel like an aging trick or treater, waddling up to a particularly nice house, and the lights are turned out.

I need to get a motorcycle, and go camping.

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Almost Precious said...

Yes, at time it seems like an endeavor of hopeless futility. But we can't give up, not now, not ever and even the smallest little act of conservation is better than none at all.
True the mess in the Gulf is catastrophic and the worst man caused disaster in history, but it also had a big impact upon the green movement. We will be more encouraging of developing new technologies for alternate energies and less prone to drill - drill - drill. Maybe we can even break the oil yoke that binds us to the middle east. Now that's a dream to cherish. :)

Suldog said...

Yeah, it gets discouraging, doesn't it? I was heavily into politics for a long time, even becoming state chair of my political organization, but now I just have to ignore more of it than I pay attention to, simply because of the overwhelming sense of non-accomplishment I get when I pay attention.

Michelle H. said...

Sometimes, you just have to wonder. Then you wonder why you wonder. And after awhile, you get a headache. Still nothing has yet changed.

Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

I feel like I could have written this entire post. I have been so disgusted with the whole disaster that I even considered just giving up my Gree blog, eco-conscious lifestyle and saying screw it because no matter what I do nothing will change but in the end I guess at least I can sleep at night knowing I'm doing my best to not make anything worse. Cold comfort? Maybe. But comfort just the same.

Chris Stone said...

thank you all for visiting. hopefully i'm over my funk! you are great writers and bloggers and i look forward to visiting your sites.

Gallery Juana said...

Hopefully the current cap finally stopped it.

"It evens out" totally made me laugh.

Hope you're getting into the swing of things again.