Sunday, December 12, 2010

When Bad Luck Isn't the Worst, Sometimes

My place is old, and one of the things about old places is plumbing gets tired. Mine "pooped" out this past week. In this photo you see where the plumbers are inching up the building with new pipes. In the effort to save money, I'm doing the demolition/ construction end of the deal. You see the top of the wall to the left is cut away for more access to pipes. and the wall that's minus plaster, but still has some lath has plumbing here and there.

Why this is not a total omg is, the bathroom on top has not been used in 7 years, so there is no damage. I found out about the split in the stack from a plumbing problem below the split. Another positive is, I had to seal off this room to cut away all the plaster gobbledy gook, so I just shelled the adjoining outside wall to re-do with insulation. Might as well. And also, it gave inspiration for the name of my new pendant, the "Plumber's Special." ;)


Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

Oh plaster and lathe...I soooooo do not mis the days of demo on that stuff! Actually, it wasn't even the demo so much as the cleanup. That horsehair dust would get everywhere! I hope it is all set soon but the inspiration really works on that pendant...gorgeous!

How about that game yesterday huh? I love Brady in the snow!

Suldog said...

If it's a plumber's special, shouldn't it have a representation of a butt crack somewhere?