Monday, December 20, 2010

A Fun Run!

Sunday's game between the Packers and the Patriots was a nail biter! The Patriots are minus a lot of defensive players, particularly defensive linemen, and Sunday it showed. So it was up to the offensive linemen to step up! Or, uh, run... 71 yards!

Hah! and here is Tedy Bruschi's narration, which I thought perfect, reposted from ESPN's Boston blog:

"OK, here we go, I've got the L5 to block, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Got it. Get ready, here comes the kick. It's a squib! It's coming right at me! I've got this. Wait for the bounce … time the bounce … there it is, it's up in the air. I've just got to get under it. Got it! Now don't fumble!

Get both arms around this bad boy and just run straight ahead. They'll tackle me soon. I see a lot of Packers in front of me, why don't I try to go left. Yeah, good idea. I should be tackled soon anyway.

Wait, where is everybody? I'm still running? They're gonna tackle me soon, right? I'm in the clear! Run faster! I can't believe they haven't tackled me yet! I'm still running! Why am I carrying the ball like a little girl carries her teddy bear? Just keep running! Oh man, so this is what it feels like. I'm pretty good at this!

Here comes somebody. Let me try this stiff-arm. I've seen Benny [BenJarvus Green-Ellis] do this a lot. It worked! I'm still running! I can score! Oooh blockers, sweet! Block the kicker! Good job! Cutback time, baby! I've never run this far in my life! I see it! I can score!

How will I celebrate? Should I dance? Why am I falling? I can't believe they tackled me. Is it over? How close was I? Four-yard line? I should've scored!"

And THAT is a dream come true for any offensive lineman or linebacker who has ever played the infamous "back row."



Jenn Flynn-Shon said...

It will definitely live in infamy as the run back heard round the world. Go Connelly!

Not sure if you know or not but I'm a HUGE Packers fan...I know, I know but during the early Favre years I just fell in love with the team and the love has sustained through the years. I wanted to be objective about the game but I gotta say, if Aaron had been on the field during that last minute the Pats never would have won that game. Dumb luck to be sure.

Suldog said...

I should have commented on this long ago...

Anyway, that was about the funnest (is that a word?) moment in an NFL game, ever. I actually jumped up off of my couch and was yelling at the TV set, hoping to get him to the end zone.

Joyfulcrow / Lapidarious said...

I dont know squat about football, but I did live in Wisconsin. Jiminy you think the green bay boys could have brought him down a little quicker, or at least carried him all the way then.

beadsnbangles said...

I missed this game. It looks like I should have watched it.