Monday, September 17, 2007

Classey Pinkies

Which is more important than you think, I think, except right now when I am definitely not thinking. Totally, that is. What I do think is... boy those Pats ROCKED! Was there one thing that won the game? HELL NO! They freaking ROCKED ALL OVER! The important elements of the Pats offense? Brady Moss Marhoney Morris Watson Welker the offensive line.... And the defense? Colvin Thomas Hobbes Samuel Warren.... And I know I left some key players out. Man did they rock. They were all on the same beat and did it. (I didn't list Wilfork. And he's the man, man. With a great smile like that he can just sit back and beam. Of course he doesn't, but.)

But talking about Pinkies. I understand. I totally understand. I have been under a pinkie cloud too.... Am currently a recovering pinkie-itis afflicted. I would like to quote somebody here. Loved this:

SPENCER, IA-- Democratic Presidential candidate Governor Bill Richardson, campaigning today in Iowa, issued the following statement regarding the recent "spying" incident involving the National Football League’s New England Patriots:

"The President has been allowed to spy on Americans without a warrant, and our U.S. Senate is letting it continue. You know something is wrong when the New England Patriots face stiffer penalties for spying on innocent Americans than Dick Cheney and George Bush."

That's not the whole story. Colvin (of New England Patriots) covered whatever better. (Boston Herald article.) Me, I'll settle for being a brew swilling broad, squiting at the T.V. and hoping the good guys are good enough and they win.


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