Friday, September 21, 2007

I Protest

Lately I've gone back to protesting the Iraq war. I attended 2 protests in Washington D.C. at the start of the war, one right before and one when I thought things might change. During the first protest I felt hopeful. Like, maybe somebody might listen. At the second, I realized I was doing it more for my own peace of mind. I just felt and still feel that this war is an expensive incompetent mistake that is killing people.

So a couple of times lately I've been holding up anti-war signs at a local overpass and waving at the cars beneath. Stuff like "Honk to stop the Iraq War" and mine says "Money for Healthcare not Warefare." 3 weeks ago when we did it, only about 3 people flipped us off. Even 2 cars with uniformed military guys driving honked and waved. The vast overwhelming response was positive. And there are thousands and thousands of cars. This last time about 5 people flipped us off. I smile and wave at those that flip me off for 2 reasons. One is, there is no way to compete with such negativity so why try. The other is, I know it pisses them off. And, without exception, the people that are flipping us off are white males. Not even older white males. They are young to middle aged white males.

I don't feel that great about this effort. I am doing it for me, again. This war will go on, at the rate of 10 billion dollars and how many deaths PER MONTH for the next 10 years. That could buy a lot of health care.

I want to immigrate to Canada. I don't have health insurance and it isn't possible at this time either. And I feel that a country that spends 10 billion a month on such an incompetent and deadly mistake does not demonstrate good priorities for its citizens.

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Miribella Designs said...

I especially understand the problem with healthcare. The United States has one of the crappiest healthcare systems in the country and I resent how much money I'm currently paying out of pocket just to be told "oh, we don't cover that" when I needed emergency surgery in July. It's unbelievably frustrating.