Sunday, September 9, 2007

GO PATS!!!! eh.

My prediction was, Pats by 21 over the Jets. Depending on how pissy Bellichik was feeling. He may have only wished to win by 14. Who knows. And that tackle of Pennington by Green looked totally clean... I think Green's a good guy and he still has my vote.

What I didn't expect was. To blow the last 3 minutes of play... or was it 4? Disscussing The Great American Healthcare Industrial Complex. I'd had a couple or few brews... not a care in the world, right? And here it looms, on my small and personal horizon... The Great American Health Care Industrial Complex.

So I'm sitting there, saying to this perfectly nice fellow...(poor guy... red hair? my family has a thing about redheads...) How I think that Americans are more suseptible to propoganda... because they are close to the end stages of capitalism. They are more use to being treated and talked about as consumers than as citizens. And how the oligarchs use this power of propoganda to tell people how great their healthcare system is.... even though they pay twice as much for a system that isn't even the best. (Americans don't get out much.)

We (Pats, the good guys) won the football game but can the war be won. My theory is, that the chink in the armor of the oligarchs is, healthcare. The poor fellow I was bombasting (great flirt, me), said Americans don't care and that they are not paying attention. I'm like, it's difficult with the static in the enviroment created by competing advertisements and products (what was it, the Bushies did not want to launch their new product "war" in August. Because you don't launch a new "product" "war" in August. ! ! ! Don't, with death from a "product" you get recall? RECALL!) (I WANT A RECALL!)

But. hunger might focus the masses. And the power, despite the attention entanglement of a thousand things demanding YOU, is in the masses. If we did not offer up our behinds, people like the product pushing Bushies would have nowhere to place their commanding triumphal boot clad toesies.)

So next to mass starvation is the obvious inequality in access to healthcare. I think there the apathy that the oligarchs are use to exploiting to their own benifit might become a bit, prickly. Yes, a coach like Bellichik would be helpful. And I have only a wet noodle for a sword. But people, a thousand wet noodles can really gum up the works.

If I were an idealist, I'd be... well... idealistic. As it is... I'm wondering if I can watch Patriots games in Canada. The whole thing makes me so tired. I don't want the oligarchs to win. I want lucidity, intelligence, equality... I want the good guys to win.... But people. We are way behind and there is no leader. At some other time I might go into what I think the genius of the Pats organization is. Its been said elsewhere. But here I want to say. what. What. WHAT! CARE people. that is what you need to do. Ask questions and care. Be a wet noodle too.

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Lol... I'm happy too that football season is here! Yahoo!!!!!