Friday, December 14, 2007

Games Played

Perhaps its been... overkill. (Perhaps????) Or my lack of previous exposure to following a sport that limits the landscape back drop to one seemingly like what was used in early western movies.... It's white hat black hat time. But. I REALLY DON'T THINK ITS MY PROBLEM. Its everyone elses' (*sigh*.) Watching the Pat's offense execute is GREAT! And when the defense pulls off a play its incredible. A possible undefeated season? It would be fantastic except I'm rather enamored of the idea of forcing NFL watchers to continue to listen to those '72 idiots.... (How can they continue to talk about their great season while the present day Dolphins tragedy unfolds? Have they no heart?)

But there is the "Hate-riots" thing. And. I dunno. I don't think the Patriots are handling it well. Energy is a tough thing. You can see it feel it but its a tough bug to nail. I actually think the response to the Patriots is similar to the political culture in the States right now and the living culture.... What I mean by living culture is disjointed consumerism, frantic belief clutching, and an undercurrent of fear that of course feeds into the belief and consumer noise. We, every freaking one of us, knows there are huge problems to be dealt with... Any animal, you threaten their territory and they freak. We, or at least I, may be a pulpy myopic poorly financed ineffectual out of shape listing mast of a wannabe human... but. (where was I?) In freakdom. These are the times of freakdom.

Which brings up a conversation I had with someone I don't know during the Pats Steelers game. As I've said before, I watch the Pats games at a bar... (that has its TVs waaaaay up! jeesh. good beer.) And. Drinking beer and you know how that goes... This fellow started going on about how the U.S. today is as fascist as the fascist governments of the 50's and 60's only now its the corporations dictating policy... (or something like that.) and I'm going on about how I think we are in the end stages of capitalism and a public that has been deluged with advertisements has difficulty discriminating between propaganda and information... (or something like that.) While both of us watch a game....

I think watching sports is a bit like pro-active nostalgia. GO PATS!

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