Friday, December 7, 2007

Fine Filaments

I must admit, the title besides being yet another tortuous alliteration, is an echo of reading Paradise Lost. I don't want to go there again, hence just the echo, but. School time trauma creates its own associated flashbacks. Milton's filaments is one.

Now. On to the topic at hand... is to discuss the ye olde sayings type stuff. "I'd rather be lucky than good." Probably a misquote... it makes no real sense to me. I'd rather be lucky than good. Seems to be just saying you want to win.

Which bring up the Pats Ravens game. (JEESH!) By the time the last couple of minutes flashed before my beer soaked eyes... well. The game in itself was a winner. A Ravens player punching a Pats player who was on the sidelines... during a kickoff? Like what was going through his sweet little skull? And. I will probably mess this up but... That last Pats drive? One forth down conversion failed EXCEPT for a timeout called by the Raven's defensive coordinator who didn't have the authority to call it! (only the head coach does.) Second fourth down conversion failed EXCEPT for a false start on Pat's Russ H... (only time possible to be congratulated on a false start.) Third fouth down conversion failed EXCEPT for a holding penalty on the Ravens... Then touchdown! and an unsportsmanlike penalty was called on the Ravens and a Ravens player picked up the flag and threw it into the stands...

Like. Who is paying those Ravens... right? But they come back with a Hail Mary caught... on the one yard line. Suggestion to Ravens.... ::::think end zone with Hail Marys:::: Just being so generous with advice because game is over. And boy is it. One of the unmentioned memorables was the kisses the Ravens Head Coach did to Harrison after Harrison mouthed off to him. (What did you say Harrison? Unmentioned memorables sounds like undergarments.... )

Looking like... backward at this weekend's Steelers game.... Oh boy. I can't even guess. I'd say its gonna be a finger crossing toe crossing hair braiding kind of a day. HEY PATS! Being lucky AND good is way okay and much easier on this flabby fanatic. Jeesh.

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Lynn - aka PinkPolkaDotPoodle said...

Quoth the Ravens, nevermore.


Funny stuff.