Monday, December 31, 2007

Year's End

I dunno how they did it. The tension was killing me, how could the Patriots players maintain focus is unbelievable. They may say it doesn't stop here, and that's right, but its a bit more normal now. I say that now, but wha tha heck do I know. But guys? Next time you're thinking about an undefeated season warn me, okay? Right now I don't have health insurance and another undefeated run? Well, health insurance would be a necessity. The stress would about kill me off. Just one loss, early in the season would save me so much...

The record breaking pass to Moss was a beaute. Truely.

But I'm a mess. You know the idea of a voodoo doll you stick pins into and good things happen to you or whatever? I feel like a voodoo doll. Pity your fans guys... 16 and 0 isn't no regular deal for nobody. My hairs a mess my fingernails are ragged my body a bloated pastey beer flotsam and even my cat scratched me.

That Elliot poem about the world ended not with a bang but a whimper? He must've been a sports fan too. Its obviously not a statement from one in control... "I grow old I grow old I wear my trousers rolled..." Bellichick would cut them off. What cracks this pastey insignificant not even roadkill up is... Bellichick's hoodies are the most popular item in the Pats store. AND PEOPLE WANT THE SLEEVES ALREADY CUT OFF! geeze peoples.

Go Pats don't stop now! I'm flinching but ready with matted hair somewhat braided knobby fingers and toes crossed pretty much chapped elbows hooked on bar rail and braced for the squinted hope of.... more wins. This year. Next year. Do go on...

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Chucka Stone Designs said...

We were out of town during & after the game but I couldn't wait to get back & read your blog because I knew you would write a perfect recap of how awesome the nail biting was lol. I watched most of the game through partially open fingers covering my eyes. Here's to more, more, more!