Saturday, March 1, 2008

Long Lines and Cold Wet Feet

I went to a political rally today... first eva! I've never been to one before because... well. It involves crowds, traffic, and canned language. And, I usually know who I want to vote for. And, I'm not big on celebrity type stuff. But today I went. Where the speech was going to take place is only a 10-15 minute drive from where I live... I started getting an idea of the number of folks heading in the same general direction after about the second turn. Its like, I know where you're going. So I parked maybe 5 blocks away and walked... along with all the others doing the same thing.

It snowed yesterday and melted a lot today, leaving serious minded puddles pushing pedestrians into the road. But, that was okay as the traffic wasn't moving much. As we (I'd gotten to talking to a Lutheran minister) approached the arena, I became apprehensive about our ability to make it in. The line was major.

And here in this major line... among the great mix of the people of Providence Rhode Island... I mentioned this video I'd seen on youtube... about the fainting Obama women. How I might become one with what turned into a 3 1/2 hr wait in line and inside. Well. I didn't have too! Some other lady did. Its too funny. Maybe its like a thing? Is there a club or something?

But, it was fun. I'm so happy Obama visited this small state. My impression was totally positive. Though I must say... Obama did seem to get lost a few times while talking. And one line really stuck out as kinda silly... like did he fall asleep with a romance novel on his face or something? That line wandered in from somewhere... but given that that wasn't his first stop of the day or the first stop of this stop... he'd spoken to the overflow crowd first before addressing us ready to fainters... Given all that, it was pretty fine.


Octavine Illustration said...

wow. sounds like fun...and to bravo for braving the weather! lovely blog...

Suldog said...

Saw your link love. I have reciprocated. Thanks!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Although it is sad that all these people fainted I think the most awesome thing of all is that he stopped in mid word a few times to make sure those people were alright and called for medical attention, space and water. Is one of those vid clips from your rally in RI? Good for you to get out & support Obama despite the weather!

What was the cheezy romance line? lol

Chris Stone said...

The cheezy romance line was something about a woman who had lost a son in Iraq (not funny at all) but her "sobbing in (his) arms"... something like that. It just struck me as a weird sentence and I felt like a rewrite might be nice. Same sentiment, just done differently. (I don't do political rallies much... as you can tell!)

But it was good. I hope Obama makes it! No, the RI clip isn't on the montage... tho I saw someone filming!