Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lists of Important Things

I am amazed by my tools. I love the way they look. I like their feel, the heft, their use. When you need to do something and you pick up a tool and it is just right, life is good. I relax in the presence of my tools. My workroom is a well textured cocoon. The only thing I do in my workroom is work. There are no easy chairs no casual table or reading lamp. There are 3 workbenches: the jewelry bench, woodworking bench, and the etcetera bench with plaster stored underneath. And the shelves. I won't ever list my jewelry tools... wouldn't do it for taxes or fun... life is too short. But my saw list amazes me. I don't classify myself as abnormally aquisitive. But look at this list...

Prune saw (2), 3 hacksaws (varying sizes), PVC pipe saw (plastic), a dove tail saw, hand saw (2, one good and one almost gone), 1 thin hand saw, A Japenese saw that is so cute and unused, 1 electric mitre saw, 1 manuel mitre saw, 1 circular saw, 2 jigsaws (one extremely old that I should dispose of, but, well), 1 Bosch saw that is so useful for nipping off the bottoms of door moldings in an old house if you are installing floors. Don't know its name, except "goddess-sent"), and a sawzall.

The sawzall is my favorite, except possibly the Japenese saw that is so cute and unused. Though the Japenese saw is more of a cosmic favoritism. The sawzall is an aren't-we-having-fun-now favorite. My hand saw is pretty special too.

Lists like this are so satisfying. Its kinda like a history and a story and a personal definition all in one. Every single item has a moment and a purpose attached to them. I remember needing the PVC pipe saw and I remember buying the handsaw. The sawzall has so many what-the-hell moments attached to it that's probably why its a favorite. Its like a motorcycle memory. And the Japenese saw sits, encased in plastic, sleek and unused.

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Anonymous said...

Tools, oh lovely tools.....

I totally understand!!!

My name is Kelli and I am a tool addict.