Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Good, the Bad, the Hopelessly Brewed.....

I don't watch the New England Patriots games at home.... I have no T.V. and no interest in figuring out on-line possibilities. I watch the games in a bar. To me, the noise of football games and bars do well together. Tonight I was down to my 3rd choice of venue... the Olympics striking out the first (and best) place... the 2nd was closed (?), and the third was a reintroduction to the way bars usually are. One screen showed the struggling Pats (!), and I sat there next to an older guy that had a voice in search of a dysfunctional hearing aide. By the end of the night, need I say, he'd bought me a beer and I gave him my opinion of Cassell (second string QB.)

The first part of the night I tried plugging up my targeted ear as I watched the Bradyless New England Pats.... why should Brady(QB) not being there affect the defense? But then things got down to why I like(d) to watch pre-season football games. Football seems to be a mix of personnel, management, and coaching. Preseason brings out the personnel part of it. You get to see the subs. And usually I have rookies I'm rooting for... though the ones I'm rooting for this year seem to have already made it. Particularly Mayo and Crable. But watching the Bradyless Pats was a beer inducing phenomenon.

Or I used to speak up for preseason games in that way. Now? Right now... nope. I don't want to go to that bar again. Football players aren't getting a game check for the preseason games... though they risk injury in those games. And rumor has it Brady will not play in the preseason. Whether this is due to Brady... or coach Belichick copping an attitude who knows. The owner Kraft is supposedly lobbying for a restructuring of the preseason. So. My guess is Brady's sore foot is Belichick's kicking ass. Or maybe he's saving Brady's shoulder for the season. Or maybe Brady will have a sore foot all season long. LOL! Well. As long as they start kicking some ass!

*you know I bet that's it. Brady will have a sore foot all season long. Belichick got tired of reporting Brady's sore shoulder and wants to expand the possibilities. Or maybe he got a kick out of how reported Brady's ankle was before the Super Bowl. I want to buy the book some day. But those 2 guys? they'll never write it.

Go Pats!


Chris Stone said...

This is from Yahoo Sports:

"Belichick shed little light on when Brady might play.

Asked if he would have played had the game been during the regular season, Belichick said Sunday night, “Well, it’s not a regular-season game.”

When asked if he would characterize Brady’s absence as precautionary, he said, “I wouldn’t characterize it.”"

Suldog said...

Although I generally abhor pre-season football, it's interesting to see the back-ups and find out what they can do. In the case of Matt Cassel, not much. I think the Pats might be better with Sam Cassell from the Celtics at QB.

Chris Stone said...

Yeah, watching the back-ups is why I usually like watching those games. But this last one wasn't very heartening! The defense did not look good... and Cassell. Well. I agree with you suldog. I'd prefer Sam Cassell.

O'Connell I still think has potential. But. arggh. More than potential is needed!

Chucka Stone Designs said...

I feel so ashamed that the only way I know we lost the game was catching the score on yesterday. I have been so busy that pre-season has kind of fallen by the wayside this season sadly. Luckily I have your blog to keep me up to date on the good, bad and Brady :)