Thursday, August 7, 2008


The absorbing politics of sport, I hasten to qualify. I appreciate Brett Farve. Having watched him for less than maybe 2 quarters his entire humoungous career.... I can appreciate him with a clear and biased conscience. You see... nothing has buried New England's Spygate quite as efficiently as this Bacholerette episode. Every day I click on Yahoo's NFL and the New England Patriots aren't on the front smear. Yes they have decent odds of going 16-0 again. (I would plead clemency... from the base of my dirty fingernails and never-was-in-fashion T-shirt. Patriots? You do that again and you WILL owe me a beer. Kraft, listen up.) And they even have the best odds of winning the Super Bowl. (Last I looked... and I quickly averted my eyes.)

But I'm excited... in a quiet let's-just-sneak-up-on-them-this-time type mode.

I enjoy watching the pre-season games. Though, this being Red Sox nation also, its sometimes difficult in a bar this time of year. Last year I was psyched... I had my rookies to root for... hoping they made the team.... I wowed at the new offensive weapons and would wonder if Moss could really be that good. This year is different. I do have rookies I am rooting for. But more... I hope the team does well. I hope... that... ya know... maybe there's still some of those 19-0 T-shirts available in South America. And I could do with a free beer. A new shirt? Last year's model is fine.

And to start the pre-season... To start a season that recognizes the glory of not worrying about, for a few hours (hahahaha) every week, life details like war and work and automobile repair. To not worry about the much more violent politics of the political kind, healthcare reform and environmental challenges. To instead focus on the fine art of fandom... and its related beer consumption. Here is a video (I switched videos after looking at some of the comments! perhaps it will help explain football a bit! lol!)


kim* said...

im really not into sports...

Rosebud Collection said...

I have to admit, don't know much about sports..just what I hear and that is so limited..

Chris Stone said...


SecretMe said...

ok so i know nothing of sports and even less of american sports Im in UK and we only have soccer as a big sport oh and golf and cricket - yawn, maybe if it was more exciting like yours I would watch it!

I do like motor sports though!

Pam said...

I knew that a football post was brewing and had to head on over. Favre mania down here - I think they just booted Bloomberg out of his mayor seat, so Brett could handle all of the city's problems, as well!
Great post!
`You're NY/NJ counterpart

Chucka Stone Designs said...

Bummer about last night, our back up QB's are not looking so super this season huh? I was surprised not to see Welker or Moss make any appearance at all. Thought for sure at least a quarter. I mean even Tedy played some.

Well anyway I am with you as far as enjoying the hot button politics of fandom, it is time to shake off the seriousness & pick up a sixer.

I just posted on Favre, pop by & give it a read if you get a second :) Plus I just heard they will now be referred to as the "NY Bretts" give me a break. lol

Suldog said...

I have such a hard time feeling anything concerning pre-season football. I tend to ignore it all the way through August, and let it seep in along with college ball at the beginning of September. August is for baseball.

Chris Stone said...

I'm not surprised that Brady didn't play... the O line is a bit unsettled right now and the Pats have to choose which of the back up QBs they are going to keep. Talk about a tough job rating system! It wouldn't shock me if the Pats picked up Pennington and released Cassel and Gutierrez.

I also think Bellichick is aware that last season was taxing... and the Pats have been in the post season so much its like they've played an extra season. So I think he's taking his time activating some of the veterans.

The defense was fantastic though. Weak in the secondary... but that will improve.

I can see I'll be writing a post regarding the fun aspects of the pre-season! There is a sad part though. I root for the rookies? and some aren't going to make it.