Friday, February 13, 2009

Economy: The Dismal Reality

I applied for a study today that started out with the description: "Are you depressed? Feeling blue or irritable? Low energy? Lost interest or pleasure in things? Appetite change? Negative thoughts? Sleep disturbance?" I applied because being unemployed and without health insurance in a state with the second highest unemployment in the country, it fits me somewhat. Also, I will admit it amused me to apply to it. Getting paid to talk about how depressed I am trying to keep 2 cats fed in this economy? I'm there! But I didn't get a call back. *How depressing.*

Job listings can be interesting though. Like the ad for a Tattoo Artist & Piercer that has in its description "Piercers with 500 piercings under your belt.(not literally)" And, you know, an ad for a baseball umpire? I've never watched a full game of baseball. I went to Wrigley Field once for a rained out game. (Must say the brews in a bar nearby were worth the trip.) But I do sort of feel like applying to it. It sounds so mythical. In fact just thinking about this opens up a whole new realm. Sports announcer for the New England Patriots.... *lol.* What's really funny is I can't even interview Brady or Bellichick in my imagination. In my imagination I faint!

So I'm stuck trying to be a part of a focus group for cable t.v. (though I do not have cable or a t.v.... ) This, though, is way less interesting than some of the jobs I've heard about: scraping insects off of traps in apple trees, receptionist at a golf club (that's oddly odd), Easter Bunny at the mall, a 'pea-tester' with a tender-o-meter, zoo keeper, picking out microscopic little mammal teeth out of dirt, selling tickets at a carnival (me, me, me!), pig farm hand (no, no, no!), and model in a runway show. (This brings up an interesting point. Are all models on drugs? I would have to be. But, so too would the audience.) The jobs I've left off that list were the pelvic exam, uh, model, and an art model. Because both of those jobs are so core, oddness simply cannot apply to them.

For almost 2 months now, the days have been getting longer and the sun brighter. Spring, is good! ;)


Ladybuggz said...

"part of a focus group for cable t.v. (though I do not have cable or a t.v.... )"

that would tend to make things just a tad difficult ;p

Flight Fancy said...

Well that is a list of very interesting choices for jobs. I must say mucking a pig sty isnt that bad....just wear good galoshes.

Chris Stone said...

Actually Flight, it might not be that bad. Depends on how many pigs! Thanks for stopping by Lady!

I felt compelled to write something about the job market, or lack thereof. Not sure that it does anything! But it has been a focus of mine, so its hard to leave it alone entirely.

Plus, I liked the title. ;)

Jenn said...

When I was a kid I desperately wanted to be an Archaeologist because I wanted to discover and study dinosaur bones. But then I found out what the sleeping/living/showering conditions for most field workers are and scrapped that idea right quick.

I'm almost afraid to ask what a tender-o-meter is...yikes.

Go for the umpire position, you can get the job no problem just rent The Naked Gun for reference material

Jamie said...

Pelvic exam model? Where do I sign up?! LOL!! How about that for an ice breaker at a party?

Well, I would go for the picking microscopic mammal teeth out of soil, but I have always been a frustrated archaeologist. I hope you find something you can enjoy sweetie:) Love, Jamie