Thursday, February 26, 2009

Eyeball Considered

(Sometimes I think what I like about blogging is coming up with titles. lol.)

Here's a mask I've been messing around with, probably not finished...

The mask is out of paper mache, smoothed with acrylic modeling paste. The eye is from another mask that never worked. Its painted in oil on a gessoed area of the paper mache. I cut it out of the old mask... and it is currently looking for a home in the new.

I love making masks, but have never figured out how to make them financially viable! The amount of time it takes to smooth out these surfaces is ridiculous. I'd have to be a well know artist with a 'tude to charge enough for them. The obvious is, the materials don't suit the intended effect. But. For some reason I keep returning to it. So, I still do these sometimes, more as a psychological hiccup.


Jenn said...

Ooh cool! I love that eye, it is so well detailed! Now I know what you were working on while taking a break from the blog :) You know I feel the same way about my purses sometimes but put it out there anyway. Not many have sold but I am still hopeful :) I say give it a shot!!!

Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Very cool mask. It really is an art work. The sculpted ball, in your previous post, is gorgeous.

Jamie said...

Did you paint the eyeball? That's awesome! I love the mask and it does look labor intensive. I'm just going to come right and say this. I NEED one of your balls. I love it so much and I must have one. I have kind of an obsession with intricate garden balls (see blog) and this is perfect!!!! So hurry up and finish it! I also wanted to ask you if you take custom orders. Could you make something just for me if I gave you what I wanted? Could you carve it and cast it?
I have something I have wanted for a long time, but no one makes it and I think you could. My email is:

Let's talk:) Love, Jamie

Anonymous said...

I love this mask, very cool!
Due to your, always interesting photos (and accompanying posts:)) -I'm tagging you with a new and interesting version of tag.
I think you'll enjoy it - Stop by and take a look:)

Maggie May said...

wow and wow. that is truly cool.