Monday, May 18, 2009

Irresistible Strays

This poor fellow.... I should have adopted him. Taken him home, cleaned him up and welcomed him to my kitchen.

I don't know why, whether it is living in a city or the specific location. But strays do show up here. Its a problem. My feeling about strays is, if you feed them you accept responsibility. And while I'd love to re-home all the strays, my personal economy is in need of a bailout. There is an orange tabby cat hanging around, keeping my birdbath empty, that really needs a good brushing. Poor kitty. I'd stake my toilet paper money that he had a home once.

I have 2 cats. One is a society lady, *rescue that is,* Ms Bird who loves the camera. Ms Chubbs was a bird chaser, out of my yard, always in desperate search of the meals that would bring her to her present voluptuous form.

This stray I found a couple of blocks away. Now while I do engage in change road rescue (and am making a lucky penny ring for their final home) and kitty rescue I find challenging (no rescue place will take in strays) I haven't yet done porcelain rescue. Given the face on this fellow, perhaps I should start!


Jenn said...

porcelain rescue *giggle*

Don't you think the felines would have gotten jealous if you adopted a stray porcelain dog?

Suldog said...

Well, I wouldn't have hesitated at all! He's adorable!

Cookie jar, by any chance?

Chris Stone said...

When I walked back by I didn't see him. But neither did i see pieces, so maybe he found another home.