Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Lucky and the Not So Lucky

*Here I must interject. I root for the rookies of the nfl. Its my love of the happy endings interfering with my desire to win, I guess. But, you know how when you're sitting in a high school gym watching some honor ceremony of some sort. You hope that even the girl wearing dark colored long sleeves and long pants in 80 degree temps succeeds. You want everyone to make it.

*But this year I'm tying to ignore the rookie stories. When I heard Tyrone McKenzie injured his ACL in the second day of the Patriots rookie camp... I attempted to be oblivious. But poor guy! Half those rookies at the very least won't make the team. Maybe only 2 or 3 will. And I really want the long snapper from Hawaii to succeed.... as well as everyone else! And to win. Go Pats!

So back to jewelry and my change road rescue. lol. I know the copper content of pennies has lessened over the years. I know the present coin doesn't have much copper. But I thought using easy silver solder was low key enough for a 1985 penny. Apparently not! That poor penny lost it on the ditch of my learning curve. There was way too much tin in the penny. 1983 is the magical date. Now I have to decipher the freaking date on those poor pulverized coins. The next rescue coin I picked on was a 1972 coin. That coin hung in there. The first picture is of the accidental euthanasia of last night. (White metal goes quick when it goes!)

These other 2 are of my first finished Lucky Penny Ring, 1972. *The coins are coins I find while out walking.*


Gallery Juana - ギャラリー ワナ said...

Maybe I am strange, but I kind like the euthanized penny form. The ring looks organic and graceful at the same time.

The last one of course looks wonderful as planned!

Chris Stone said...

lol. i do like the texture of the fried penny also. lol.

Suldog said...

I just ignore football until late August at earliest. Now that the Celtics and Bruins have been eliminated, the only sport on my radar is baseball.

Chris Stone said...

It really is a waste of energy rooting for the rookies. *Can't believe Tyrone got injured on the second day though!*

Chris @ Maugeritaville said...

Mark Sanchez, baby! J-E-T-S, JETS! JETS! JETS!

Jenn said...

So funny, I was going to say the exact same thing as Jim lol. I never watch college football so I have no idea who the guys are until, well basically pre-season. Sorry to hear about Tyrone though.

That ring (both actually) is so very cool. I really love it bunches, what is your pricepoint?

OMG Mauger you are a Jets AND Yankees fan...I might have to stop reading your blog if you weren't so damn funny lol.

Chris Stone said...

Jets fan? lol. Well the Jets should do alright this year... with the departure of the "Mangenious."

How did Sanchez get the nickname "Dirty Sanchez?" *i suspect that nickname is not used by fans, but was curious anyway.*

Jenn, glad you like them. the one pictured is OOAK... unmolded. The next ones will be molded, and i'm thinking about 95 bucks, though will have to see how it goes. (they are chunky rings.)

i like the way the tin shows through on some of the newer than 1983 penny rings. and might try riveting the bezel (for the stone) on. but no more soldering for those pennies!

Jenn said...

Hey I have an idea for your penny rings that kind of popped into my head randomly (as most stuff does lol). What about doing birthstones with a penny that has the year a kid was born & offer them as custom mom rings? IDK, just a thought I figured was worth it to share :-) have a great week!

Chris Stone said...

Jenn, that's a great idea. tho i have to make a riveting design for the newer than 1983 pennies!

Rosebud Collection said...

I must say, this is an interesting ring. Great work again..
Of course you know, I tease my grandkids about the Pats..since I am from NY..My brother,(years ago) tried out for the NY Giants home team..I think I got that right.
I wouldn't miss a high school game when he played..but I am dumb as a doorknob on these other teams.

KLBK said...

this is very cool
i wonder how it would look on

where do you sell it?

Chris Stone said...

Thanks KLBK! This next week I should have one for sell. I haven't decided where! whether to sell them here in town or on etsy. I need to get a citrine to set. (I like the yellow stone with the copper penny.)