Sunday, July 8, 2007

An Explaination

About the Insect. That poem was written maybe 10yrs ago. At the time it needed one more line. I've looked at it a few times since then thinking, what is missing.... Then the other day, in a desperate fit of procrastination I saw this poem and the missing line. I'm not sure how I feel about the poem anymore, but it is finished. Kind of unfortunately finished. I like to think there is a bit of poetry occassionally in my hands and what I make... but it ain't in my head. I haven't written a poem in years. Sometimes I feel if I weren't so tired, so distracted by life... Maybe if I had more or fresher brain cells...

Whatever. I know I haven't caught a honeybee in years. But also, when I think about them now I feel bad. They are dying? The worker bees can't find their way back to the hive? That intricate society of the honey bees may become extinct? That really.... when people talk about dinosaurs its like a joke. This isn't a joke. You know. The LITTLE GUY THAT SAMPLES OUR CLOVER NEEDS TO ROCK ON.

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