Sunday, July 22, 2007

Lickable Labels for the Forehead

Sometimes I rant. Well, okay, maybe its called a blog. But I wonder. Is this a life stage, sexual frustration, or reasonable evaluation of the foibles of this bizzaro world?
There's this old addage... people get the leaders they deserve. I do not agree at all. No body deserved Hitler. or Stalin. Saying stuff like that sounds so very self satisfied, so very leaning back in a well cushioned chair, like, I've paid all my bills haven't you?

Okay. to particular peeves... To sell stuff, advertisement is seen as helpful (my ineptitude aside.) You have to inform people of your product, and entice them to buy. This is a core product of capitalism. That has infected another core aspect of what we think of ourselves... that we are a democracy. A democracy needs a well informed public. But we aren't folks. We aren't well informed at all. We are targets, focus groups, brainless buttons for the power people pushers. Perhaps it has always been so... but with the information available for the turgid amoung us, it seems worse. But like I said, maybe I've just become a hen in front of a computer screen.

And to target the individual "consumer". (Just count sometime, out of curiousity, how many times americans are refered to as consumers vs citizens or members of society or even voters.) (just count.) That's what's done. "individuals", not members of a society, are targeted. Again and again. And we are told, again and again, about "individual" responsiblity. Not the responsiblility of society. Someone sues, and they are seen as not being a responsible "individual." Not noting at all anything relating to the fact that the "individual" is all on their own. They don't owe anybody anything. BECAUSE nobody owes them anything, right? Its a 2 way street. Or all one way. Whatever.

And again. The end stage of capitalism. Or derierre. The derrierre of Capitalism. When people are targets, consumers, focus groups, corkbrained foreheads.... Debate becomes simplified. A "look" is needed to a drug commercial, repetative sloganeering is needed for a politician. I personally don't think the american public is as stupid as its leaders, but I kinda squint sometimes when I say that. It is so difficult. I feel that expectations affect an individual's actions. On a societal level, how does that work?

Eh. Elect pink bowed rabbits.

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julie said...

"I personally don't think the american public is as stupid as its leaders,"

I think they're more stupid - or at least drugged into complacency by the teevee. Somehow the "leaders" managed to get there, so...

I like wine and wandering too. Only not comics. Just graphic novels.

(ha ha)