Monday, July 30, 2007


Okay. What was your best advice given/got? I don't remember any big moments myself.... but the fog that clutches my feeble cranium is at the moment not allowing a blinding moment of revalation to shine forth from my fumbling past... I do remember a 10th grade teacher to whom my parents made me appoligize to (for being chronically late to class), I remember her saying, "If that's all you've got to worry about you don't have a problem."
Which wasn't advice. More like a recognition of, well, the relative importance of things in different people's worlds. is featuring me this week... And one of the questions was, do you have any advice. What I came up with was have a great time, life is short. But didn't feel that sufficient. Something more must be said... some veil of darkness pulled back with the utterance of a few well chosen monosylables....(as the sides of the hood sway lightly about the shrouded figure... maybe this is why Belichick wears a hoodie.) So I asked in the forums. A few times too! It was like pulling a yew hedge out of the ground! (I've never pulled teeth.) The results:
HerRoyalMajestyBags: (something about lots of undies...)
LalenaHays: Your thoughts are your reality so choose them wisely. (my response.. oh dear.)
KarmaRox: (something about brushing felines...)
KealaLegacy: Love it or leave it, but don't be rude! (I like that.)
FireChickTick: never lick a snow shovel (ewww)
RoseBrown: Avoid the clap. (ewwwwwww)
BlondezillaBeads4fun: Don't be afraid to try something new.
KarmaRox (again): Don't titter in a room full of strangers. (though I may be misquoting her here...It may be best to just say *titter*)
Pandys: A clean house is overrated. (and something about cool whip but i don't wish to misquote her so I'll just stop there.)

Thanks youse guys! The world needs a bit more wisdom!


Michele said...

Great advice.....and the Coolwhip comment was actually truthful and clean...if you can believe it! Love this!

Ben Can Dance said...

Haha, great quotes. :D

Mine would be "rethink having children; dogs are quieter, neater and don't need to go to college"

~Stella said...

Great quotes, I missed that forum post.

I would probably say something like, "don't worry too much about what random other people think. Just worry about what is thought by the people who you love and who love you."