Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Things

I think one has to come to some accommodation with how things get made. You always want a Monet or Carrivagio or Michalangelo... and the fumbling towards the finish has its majical moments. But, sometimes a torn fingernail intrudes. (The British painter Turner grew one fingernail longer to scrape at the paint. Turner rocks. Some folks just teach you lessons in awe.) But back to the making of things... Kitty Karma, a pendant, was my fourth cat pendant. The other 3 didn't quite make it. I wish I were more succinct in making stuff, but I hope that the frustration of failure condenses the final piece and makes it finer. (Failure ought to be good for something. It's the thriftiness in me.)

Here is a bird piece that is undergoing further revision. This one is part way there... I have another sketch I'm currently working on also. (The birdie pictured has not been polished or antiqued. Models don't generally get polished.) I do have some fondness for this piece... which is probably why it has stayed so long on the to do list. However, the frustration with birdie might have helped with the other sketch.


The Dangerous Mezzo said...

I think the birdie is gorgeous!

Chris Stone said...

thanks. i like her too... just needs a bit more work. The picture seemed to improve her a bit!

Nora said...

The shape of the bird is so sweet. I look forward to seeing it finished! Keep us posted.