Sunday, October 7, 2007

Small Change

I thought I'd take pictures of my small street change collections... Occassionally, at least. This is for the lottery ticket I bought yesterday. There are certain areas change appears, around the gas station, cars, and the mall. I like the texture of change that has hit the streets... You can see the penny that is hardly recognizable as a penny. At first when I picked it up, out of the middle of the street, I was a bit disappointed 'cause I thought it a dime. Instead, its a hard worn penny.

This is in reference to my 7/18/07 Twenty-Two Cents entry. Though I must admit, I forget to check if I've won or not.

**The fellow where I buy the lottery tickets doesn't seem to know what to make of me and my highly textured change. I'm not sure I could explain... Hope he doesn't loose patience with me!

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