Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Note on Gamesmanship

I don't play games much, just the odd card or pool game. And frankly, I don't like to loose. Against a reasonably competent opponent in cards, I stand a reasonable chance of loosing. In pool where I am less competent, I only have the possiblity of luck going for me. But, I really hate playing against people who are not trying to kick my ass. Particularly in pool. It's condescending. It's insulting. If I suspect someone of padding their shots, I won't play them anymore. A run on the tables shows more respect than acting a missed shot. To me, that is. Perhaps I'm just a hard ass, but if you are going to handicap me do it upfront and I don't want one. How can you get better if people just mess around? And its so great to make those few shots, and make them on your own ability.

That's why I think the problem is not the incredible scores the Patriots are running up, but that they need a better PR department. People are ready to fault the Pats, vs think about it. Do you want a fake game? I mean really. I don't. I don't like blow outs but I really don't like seeing an elite team not perform well. I think the Redskins defense has some work to do. Even when Cassel came in for Brady it was like the Redskins defense was eating popcorn in the stands. And another thing. Belichick does not do things for grins and giggles. He's a topnotch coach and I doubt the score was the result of some personal snit. He is very task oriented, and I would suspect a reason. Was he trying to psyche the Colts out? Belichick loves an edge. Were there offensive or defensive plays or combos he wanted to try before this week?

Bottom line for me is, blow outs hurt but condescension is a pisser. I also copied the following from a blog..(forget which):

Note from the football blog to those consumed with loathing of the Patriots for their latest transgression; scoring too many points...what a despicable team Some other game scores from the past - •The 49ers beat Denver in the SB 55-10. They were called dominant. •The Bears beat the Pats 46-10. They were called dominant. •The Cowboys beat the Bills 52-17. They were called dominant. •The Giants beat the 49ers in the playoffs 49-3. They were called dominant. •Gibbs and his Redskins beat the Rams in the playoffs 51-7. They were called dominant. •The Bears won the title 73-0. They were called dominant. •The Pats win 52-7 and they receive criticism? Only from those with no historical perspective on the game. Thanks to source for posting this in football blog


Kevin Smith said...

I'm pretty sure those scores are right. Great points.

Ivy Arts said...

Right on. Is this the NFL or Pee-Wee league? Go Pats!