Monday, November 19, 2007

The Supremes, or a Note on the Patriots Scoring Potential

hehehehe. (Figured I'd get that out of the way first.) hehehehe. (And second.)

But really, is there any doubt in anyone's mind that watched the Patriots play Sunday (late) night that they could have easily scored 3 more touchdowns? And make the score instead of a lowly 56 to 10, 77 to 10? Look at it. By restricting themselves to 56 points how is that running up the score? And, did you watch them go into overdrive just before the half? This is something the Pats take pride in. That they could score in 2 minutes if necessary. And it has been necessary! (Truely. The Pats rock.) So extapolate that over a game. Say, for instance, the Pats have posession for 30 minutes and score every 2 minutes... that's 15 touchdowns... 105 points. That means the Pats left 49 points on the table Sunday night. The Pats are the epitome of sensativity self restraint and humanitarian impulses towards the easily crushed, necessary to nurture, fragile flowers that compose the egos of the rest of the NFL.

hehehehe. (and again.)

but really. Those guys are good. When they say, its the offenses' job to score and the opposing defenses' job to stop them... that's it. Watching the Pats execute is scarily good. I'm glad I'm a Pats fan, otherwise... I'd be one beer soaked pissed off hair pulling barstool kicking... woman that really needs to get a life. Miami... read my comment after the "difficulty walking" post. Might give you a helpful suggestion on how to deal with your impending doom.... I mean game.

But enjoy it if you can. What the Pats are doing and doing so well is gold. NFL gold... which might be a heavily package over managed strategized to the last scrap of tape (!) and infiltrated with unspecified elements while clutched at with greed and hyped by bobble headed noise makers that are marketed by... desperate self hating artists. It is good... good as NFL gold.


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