Friday, November 30, 2007

Fixing Faces

*I am well aware that you are suppose alliterate with restraint. But this is MY blog... not some English paper.*

Anyway. Here's a picture of my latest endeavor. The nose is unfortunate. Kinda reminds me of Michael Jackson. I'm thinking on trying to fix it... there's a bit of porosity in this casting which would make soldering on a scrap of metal risky business. (Heat makes porosity a bit more expressive, you might say.) I carved the original out of wax. This is the model, out of silver. The end product will be bronze. But I need to be a bit more happy about it. The nose is bugging me.

The box is out of glass.


TallGiraffe said...

wow, that's something I would never be able to do! I have such an admiration for anyone who can carve something. I just can't see things in 3d at all. said...

I kinda like the nose, it's quirky! But you may not want quirky :) It's very pretty though!