Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Flesh Colored Kaleidoscope

(That is what is seen when sitting in a well lit room after drinking too many beers while watching a football game (!) and holding one's head in one's hands... you can see out through the cracks between the fingers and admire the way gravity is keeping things relatively still.)

They say a parent giving a kid a pet is giving the kid their first lesson in heartbreak and loss. Weelll. So goes some football games. The Patriots, honestly, have been pretty near perfect in their opiate-like status. I am rather shocked at how bad I felt. It is just a game.... but no it isn't. With Super Tuesday and politics and global warming and the economy... I wish I vicariously held the euphoria of a Super Bowl win. I'm experiencing withdrawal right now. Man. That Pats locker room must've been a mess. If I were to write a post game speech for BB it would go something like this:

"That was a sh*t tough game. We lost. We lost after playing the full game with everyone doing their part...... a grueling game after a grueling season..... (the ".... " is for BB to ad lib hopefully better than I.).... The most extraordinary record breaking season I have ever witnessed, and am proud to be a part of. You are not perfect. We are not perfect. But you never stopped playing you never stopped... and we are pretty damn good. Thank you for the experience. See you this time, next year, this time we'll get the trophy."

Oh BB can mention that the Giants played well if he must. And I'm sure he would give a much better speech. The only locker room speech I remember is one a basketball coach gave our team before a game against Mountainburg. She said "Mountainburg beat Westfork." Westfork was the only team that could beat us. We went on the court hyped with fear and blew them away. (Well, I went to the bench, hyped with fear...) After the totally lopsided game in which even I played, the coach said "I lied."


teegee said...

Stoney- I feel your pain. We aren't even big fans around here and my hubs and I turned it on for the last quarter (we'd been out all day/evening) and sat there with our hands over our eyes.... and our mouths open going "oh my god" over and over. So sad. Just a game- maybe- but sad none the less. There are others in our family taking it alot worse. LOTS.

Chris Stone said...

Thanks teegee. It took me this long to say anything really about it. Its the worst feeling lost I've experienced. I can't imagine being a player.

Chucka Stone Designs said...

This does make me feel somewhat better, the speech is what got me for sure. You did Bill proud. I'm sure he was not happy but like you said, it is only a game. Sigh.

My Mom actually called right after it ended & Matt picked up the phone saying "she isn't speaking right now". I sat quiet for at least 5 minutes, it just blew me away. But I am over it now & just looking forward to my first Fenway Frank in April lol.

waisze said...

i haven't watched enough football to be loyal to any team, so i do sympathize with you. tomorrow is another day. *hugs*